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Amsterdam Coffeeshop Hash

THC: High
Grade: AAAA

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Product Information


What is the difference between traditional Moroccan hash and Block hash? There is a big difference between traditional Moroccan Hashish and the Block hash you will find in the better – Amsterdam Genetics related – coffeeshops. Block hash is nothing but a true top quality cannabis product, mostly sold to the experienced smoker, true hash enthusiast, but more and more to the weed smoker too! Maybe this Block Hash is already your favorite cannabis product, and maybe you have no clue where this is about.

Different Compounds

The greatest difference between traditional Moroccan hashish and Block hash is in the various THC and CBD compounds:

Traditional Moroccan hash is made from Moroccan Cannabis strains. When you analyze this hash, you will always find a high percentage of CBD. This traditional hashish contains mostly around 17 – 20 % THC and 7 – 9 % CBD

The Block hash is made from the Block plant from Amsterdam Genetics strains. These strains contain primarily THC and when you analyze this final Block hashish you will measure 36 – 42% THC and between 0,4 to 1,6 % CBD.

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