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Blue City Diesel

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAAA
(15 customer reviews)

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Product Information


Blue City Diesel, also known as Blue Diesel is a highly potent mix of Blueberry and NYC Diesel. It's an indica-dominant hybrid (40:60 sativa/indica ratio), but it delivers both mind and body effects. THC levels have been known to exceed 23%, making this one of the strongest strains available for patients in search of THC. CBD levels, on the other hand, are decided low, much less than 1%. This means this strain is not a good selection for patients whose symptoms require CBD. The high is a combination of euphoric and happy mental effects with a lazy, sleepy body buzz. Blue City Diesel is best used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and muscle spasms. It's effective at almost any time of day, though many find it most useful at night. Reports of adverse effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, while headaches and dizziness are also possible. This strain is found mostly on the West Coast (British Columbia), though extremely sought after across all of Canada. Back to top: Blue City Diesel

15 reviews for Blue City Diesel

  1. Martin Phillips (verified owner)


  2. Richard Lowe (verified owner)

    Great strain, I always thought of Strawberry Cheesecake as my number one pick from Doobdasher… but wow, this has definitely changed my decision now! Keep up the great product selection guys. The best site hands down for quality & variety of items!

  3. plumbummanx (verified owner)

    Just what the doctor ordered, nice smoke, nice high.

  4. plumbummanx (verified owner)

    Want more….

  5. plumbummanx (verified owner)

    but who needs daytime….

  6. plumbummanx (verified owner)

    As you can see, one of my favs. Not for beginners!

  7. Mark M (verified owner)

    Very nice! Taste awesome and great buzz. Get it while you can.

  8. DylanIRL (verified owner)

    awesome strain cant go wrong and fast shipping as well

  9. plumbummanx (verified owner)

    Will buy again

  10. plumbummanx (verified owner)

    Nice high but last batch really made me cough.

  11. Marcus Aurelius (verified owner)

    Not bad. Decent smoke, although I prefer Alaskan Thunderfuck, and MK Ultra

  12. gmul (verified owner)

    relaxing buzz and good smoke

  13. guilegault (verified owner)

    Merci Doobdasher de m’avoir fait découvrir cette savoureuse variété ! Belle cocottes bleutée, excellent goût et une odeur vraiment caractéristique. Le buzz n’est pas trop agressif comparativement à d’autres Indica élevé en THC. Il est toutefois bien présent sans être débilisant ! Un vrai plaisirs pour les papilles et vos sens, je vous le conseil.

  14. noahcasey (verified owner)

    Leaves your lips and fingers covered in tar if you roll with a filter. Only use this in bongs or vaporizers.

  15. bud (verified owner)

    Not bad, but there is better stuff available here

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