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Cannaisseur - Phoenix TearsCannaisseur - Phoenix Tears

Cannaisseur – Phoenix Tears

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1 ml syringe contains (200mg / 500mg) of THC, and is 0.1-2% CBD. Produced by Cannaisseur, these Phoenix Tears can be ingested orally, mixed with food preparations, or applied topically. Patients are advised to start with an amount about half the size of a grain of rice. It increases gradually at a fixed rate, no higher than 0.5mg of THC per lb of body weight, per week. Available in 2 concentrations: 200mg THC in 1ml, and 500mg in 1ml.

2 reviews for Cannaisseur – Phoenix Tears

  1. Martin Cousineau (verified owner)

    Super produit ! Je recommande vivement à tous et toutes personnes qui sont douleurs chroniques ! Ça fait un bien énorme ! Merci doobdasher ! ?

  2. Dungeon__Master (verified owner)

    My mother suffers from severe arthritis and greatly prefers to imbibe her cannabinoids. This is the perfect application for a product as we can simply put it on anything we’re eating and ration out how much we think we need. It is VERY intense in flavour, much like chewing a good stem, and the after-effects need about a half hour before they begin to surface. What follows next is a blissful time that allows us to simply float, pain-free, for hours on end. Would recommend to anyone considering purchasing, this is an EXCELLENT use of your money.

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