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CRFT - CBD Tincture 300mgCRFT - CBD Tincture 300mg

CRFT – CBD Tincture 300mg

CBD: High
(4 customer reviews)

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Product Information

4 reviews for CRFT – CBD Tincture 300mg

  1. reggie53 (verified owner)

    Product arrived on time, works quite well neck pain is much better after a week

  2. NIGHTMARE666 (verified owner)

    Works well and tastes good as well. Will definitely buy again

  3. deena.7450 (verified owner)

    It comes in a 30mg bottle, tastes nice, very uplifting. Received my package, the bottle was in a vacuum sealed bag seperate from the flowers. The bottle leaked in the bag, i think it was from the seal around the cap. Love the product but wont order this again, going to try the isolate next

  4. funnymanme705 (verified owner)

    I finally pulled the trigger on this item in blue raspberry. They answered all my questions that I had before placing my order. I finally got my oil just a little over a week’s time (due to the Canada Post strike). Anyway, I was so happy to receive it as I was completely out of CBD oil that I had purchased elsewhere and wanted to try this one.
    When I opened the box, I noticed that my bottle CBD oil was swimming in it’s own liquid in a vacuum sealed bag. I contacted Doobdasher explaining the situation. They asked for a photo which I sent and within less than an hour, I received my payment in full deposited in my account. I didn’t want to take a chance by trying it out, so I threw it out. I did read someone else’s review where this happened to them, but I wanted to give them a benefit of a doubt. The only thing I recommend is that they get a better bottle with a really tight seal cap/plunger as the one that I received is very flimsy and doesn’t keep a tight seal.
    I will order again once the issues are resolved.

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