Diamond OG

THC: Medium
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA
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Diamond OG strain is about half indica and half sativa. A descendant of OG Kush and another unknown strain, Diamond OG is also very popular with medical marijuana users. It has an earthy aroma and taste but with strong pine tree overtones as well. Diamond OG strain is known to be long lasting and affects the entire body. It is particularly good at relieving muscle spasms and joint pain. It can also be used to treat migraines, nausea, and insomnia. It will zonk you out, even at lower doses, so this strain is more suited for a lazy day at home than a work day or a school day.

14 reviews for Diamond OG

  1. Kelly

    Was very happy with this as my first order. All samples were excellent quality and I plan to add one of these to every order.

  2. Nataliya

    I loved this for my first order. I made notes of which I liked best then went and did the research about them. I now know how to shop better for myself! I also just get a kick out of all the names.

    • doobdasher2

      We really don’t know who are all these geniuses that come up with all these ridiculous names.

  3. Lusiya

    Dense nugs that bust up into nice resinous joints. Big smoke off of it too. Very happy with it.

  4. Victoria

    Great way to find what strains work best for you. Even better , they come individually bagged which helps to not over consume.

    • doobdasher2

      Hey Victoria, love to hear that you like the variety… You’ll love our new packaging soon. Cheers

  5. Naomi

    Smokes better then the king kush I got here in Toronto!!

    • doobdasher2

      Hey Naomi, we might have some of that soon, guarantee better then what your getting now in TO

  6. Ella

    Nice big buds, and dense, but the taste is a bit harsh. Still, overall, its very good stuff.

    • doobdasher2

      Hey Ella, we actually thought the same, when we tried it, but some batches have different variety in taste. We’ll make sure to send you fresh batch for your next order.

  7. MarkeeeMark209

    One of the better ones I’ve smoked besides Fire og.. Definitely one for the everyday smokers. Great High body and mind… You scared me, thought you were closed for good or something.

  8. lee (verified owner)

    do last long but not strong enough (personal opinion)

  9. sirsmokesalot613

    Would be 5 star if it wasn’t for the sleepiness, it does however f**k u up hahaha the flavors are pretty great too and the smell is even better. Bag appeal is ok, not as perp as I would like. The high isn’t my favorite, I would prefer a more energetic sativia high.

  10. sirsmokesalot613

    Took me about 3 to 4 joint hits to feel it, it creeps up nice & slow coughing accelerates the process after about 30 minutes i am ready to hit the sheets, it relieves my insomnia like no other.. even better than prescribed Ambien !! Highly recommended A++

  11. dmt_xyz5

    Super earthy taste and smell, gorgeous bud. It’s really fluffy and looks like there’s more than there really is. Has a Very tingly body effect, especially in my legs. I smoked it before a work out and my pain tolerance was through the roof. A good weed for the day because it provides a long lasting high that doesn’t make you want to crash.

  12. lonelyone18

    So ordered up a half oz of “Diamond Og” from Doobdasher a few days ago and was absolutely blown away. The body high and psychoactive attributes were really intense at first and i only took 5 hits from a very small bowl, but you can clearly feel the effects even after one puff. Works great for insomnia but you can also remain animated and focused if tou choose. Best strain i have smoked by far.

  13. 88Selena

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  14. uru.von89

    Very strong. Amazing body and head high. Gets me very chill and then sleepy afterwards. Definitely recommended before bed. I smoked this during the daytime and almost fell asleep in my patio chair trying to take a few more hits. Other than that, an awesome strain overall. would definitely be in the Top 5 of indica.

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