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DoobDasher Hash

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAAA
(20 customer reviews)

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Product Information

20 reviews for DoobDasher Hash

  1. donnie conohan (verified owner)

    pretty good hash,nice buzz,tasted a little like oil but not bad,will buy again

  2. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    First time trying it and had nice strong high. Love the container it came in. Very sweet job Doobdasher!! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  3. NoTox (verified owner)

    I received my order today 3×3.5g of flower + 5g of this got back from work did 2 hit of this with some lil some of this on top each with my pipe and my sencor got back on track did a lil walk with my dog came back did a hit with just a lil some of this and still got a nice kick deffinetly interrested if the kick still go after a week and interrested in some more of this other flavor 🙂 sorry if my english is bad im “french”

    taste is really good really smooth smell is amazing loving the smell of the room 🙂

  4. NoTox (verified owner)

    and I want to add I didnt know that 5g of this was alot for now since I just got it let see in the the future…

  5. Roy Kavelman (verified owner)

    always skeptical, but threw caution to the wind and ordered 10gr..thank god i did.. love it. kicking it old school, did hot knives. did 4 or 5 small ones and was baked!!….then the munchies!! ate everything in sight…

  6. markkendrix (verified owner)

    Been a wile since I’ve had some hash of this quality. It was soft yet tasty. I will be ordering more. Came in its wn little screw top container which I thought was cool

  7. art88 (verified owner)

    Nice black hash taste and smoke. Excellent product.

  8. Darroch Corey (verified owner)

    Wasnt bad quite a mellow high

  9. Lisa Santoro (verified owner)

    strong product, good long lasting high, but intense munchies that must be controlled

  10. awanarsala (verified owner)

    This was ok for me i did not feel high, had an after taste of oil….i will probably stay away from hash altogether since i am not liking it…smooth doesnt make you cough.
    Love the cute containers

  11. plumbummanx (verified owner)

    Nice to smoke, moderate high

  12. Hiphopopotomus (verified owner)

    Smell, good
    Taste, good
    High, good
    Texture, good
    Overall, I loved this product.

  13. pappabear (verified owner)

    Not as potent as the other hash offered (obviously you get what you pay for). Was an overall good purchase, smokes nicely and easy to handle being on the softer side, if you are and old school hash lover than this is on the mild side and would suggest other but is well worth a try. Love this site

  14. antho991 (verified owner)

    A good product!

  15. jaym125 (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable. A really smooth and tasty smoke; it doesn’t take much to get a nice buzz. The high is pretty mellow and long lasting, eases my muscle and joint pain, headaches, depression.

  16. plumbummanx (verified owner)

    nice smoke

  17. toker101 (verified owner)

    Nice smoke but not strong enough for me.

  18. stephengammage (verified owner)

    This hash does have an oil after taste as described but overall it is still a great product with a nice mellow buzz that is not intense but well worth while. For the price you can’t complain but does taste like home made varieties.

  19. Kimber Bedard (verified owner)

    nice lil treat to add to the joint on a extra long day. ill so buy again as you cant go wrong on the price

  20. Kimber Bedard (verified owner)

    nice smoke and you cant go wrong with the price. ill so be buying it again

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