Exclusive Extracts – MK Ultra Shatter

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAAA
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Due to its powerful cerebral effects, MK Ultra was named after mental manipulation tactics employed by the CIA’s Project MK Ultra. But don’t let the name scare you away, this Indica dominant hybrid won 1st place Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and placed second in 2004. MK Ultra is known for its ‘hypnotic’ effects that are fast acting and is a great substitute pain, and insomnia medications. If a day on the couch is what you desire, MK Ultra is the strain for you! This is definitely one of the strongest Indica strains around.

10 reviews for Exclusive Extracts – MK Ultra Shatter

  1. special.santa

    Can’t wait to hit this harder on the weekends when I can stay home all day and relax and maybe put a movie on. Didn’t really know what to think when I was ordering online, but once I sent the money (the hardest party), I waited, and waited… recieved my nicely wrapped packaged in the mail yesterday, the mk ultra shatter, looked amazing and smoked nicely… Lied down and just zoned out

  2. newton3.aon

    Took a bit longer then expected, 5 days! aside from that mk ultra is a pretty solid shatter, you guys have some nice chunks to, thanks! Do better on the shipping please

  3. stevenwiggs19 (verified owner)

    This product still contains butane and is not even shatter, would NOT recommend anyone to purchase this, they suggest you to throw it in the fridge, thinking it will remove the butane LMAO what a joke, anyway don’t purchase this title should be “butane contained dabs” aha

  4. derekrose24

    Did precisely what the portrayal says. It’s an indica people, certainly NOT for daytime utilize (unless you need to rest amid the day). Wasn’t certain it would experience the buildup, yet me likey. Whoever developed this harvest did it right. Your inconveniences and any agony will liquefy away. You won’t dissolve into the lounge chair, yet I would not like to leave, lol. Be unified with the MK ultra… You are the MK ultra. Let it gradually guide you into la lal arrive. Truly, you won’t have the capacity to oppose rest a hour or two in. Next morning woke up extremely refreshed, loose, and upbeat. No worry here!! What else… No negative reactions!

  5. Garybarbase

    Okay so I’m a pretty seasoned shatter smoker, and damn this stuff kicked my ass. It’s a great nighttime strain due to the heavy indica yet has an incredibly soaring euphoric cerebral high like a sativa. Definitely not for lightweights, this is a great strain I’ll definitely get again from this site.

  6. Ryan.bowling3

    Great high, very fun to play video games that involve first person shooting. Easy to order with a quick hit of a button while you are at home feeling lazy as fuk…

  7. sandersup_31

    Very strong strain of shatter. Indica dominant strain. I use it to help me sleep. Very relaxing. Was very satisfied with the end result on this strain from Doob!

  8. sashavelle_89

    I’m in love with this strain. I have chronic pain and one hit feels like a warm bath. I suffer from panic attacks and mk-ultra doesn’t make me paranoid or anxious at all. Perfect for daytime or night use. No couch lock. I can still function and carry on conversations without tripp’n. Makes me feel like I did when I first started smoking back in the day. Not a care in the world and a permagrin on my face. Also, amazing with Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

  9. miles_ket85

    A few small errors from my part in the beginning, but I agree with most of the reviews on here.. Very potent shatter, I’m big on Indica, and I gotta say DoobDasher has their Meds on point.

  10. gal_annahip

    Good nighttime option. High is a strong body stone followed by a wave of sleepiness that comes about an hour and a half later.

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