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Exclusive Extracts - Strawberry Cough ShatterExclusive Extracts - Strawberry Cough Shatter

Exclusive Extracts – Strawberry Cough Shatter

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAAA
(9 customer reviews)

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Strawberry Cough Shatter is made from a potent Sativa blend that can cause even the most seasoned users cough. This shatter is great for managing social anxiety and de-stressing. Its uplifting and cerebral effects will turn any bad day around!

9 reviews for Exclusive Extracts – Strawberry Cough Shatter

  1. Julian_happy00

    Thank you DoobDasher for always reply quickly with all of my questions! Strawberry cough hits you right in the eyes, great relaxing indica that allows you to get stuff done with a stupid smile stuck to your face. Very happy bud, taste was on while the nug was dense and big.

  2. HarryRosedl

    Cloud 9 body high. Amazing for relaxation. Shipping times kinda confusing, your product menu doesn’t work correctly, but amazing speed on your replies!

  3. harbourview_guy

    I found that the strain is very true to its name and that I coughed, which hasn’t happened in about 8 or so strains on Doobdasher. Immensely happy and I’ve had a couple fits of laughter — I’m just coming of a week of Fruity Pebbles/MOB and the difference in my mood is palpable. So far I haven’t been screwed by the munchies and that’s a big plus for me. I would rate doobdasher bag appearance 7/10 but this buzz is certainly 5 star. I smoked shatter in a bowl out on the roof of our garage/tool shed. It’s completely melted any anxieties I had and I’m enjoying an Indica-like body relaxation. Eyes are super squinty. This is an A+ strain. I am mellowed the fuck out.

  4. Bigfoot43

    I loved this strain! A little bit went a long way. I took three hits and I was stoned. How did that happen? Idfk. haha Great indica strain! Very psychedelic if you smoke enough of it.

  5. CorreyHumus

    I had the privilege of smoking this straight from my buddy a while back, and it was awesome. Finally found some online here. The high was extremely anti-depressant and energizing. My package had a nice chunk of shatter, not bad packaging as well, very secure. Perfect high.

  6. uber_nation3

    Works we’ll with my PTSD and my Bipolar. It’s not a very strong high but it is an active high. I was able to do things normally without having to worry about my illnesses, I was happy! Also I got very hungry and turned into a pro cook on this stuff lol.

  7. Kevin (verified owner)

    It is not a bad strain although i have tried better. Gives a good uplifting feeling but it isn’t the hardest hitting shatter out there. A good before-work strain.

  8. j.davidson3 (verified owner)

    Tastes fantastic! Probably the best sativa shatter I’ve ever had. Super light on your throat but packs a great buzz that lasts quite a bit longer than normal for me. Perfect for morning smoke

  9. meg.wlu (verified owner)

    This has become my favourite strain- it’s a potent sativa , perfect for daytime use, works great specifically for nausea, depression, fatigue.

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