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Exclusive Extracts - UBC Chemo ShatterExclusive Extracts - UBC Chemo Shatter

Exclusive Extracts – UBC Chemo Shatter

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAAA
(7 customer reviews)

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UBC Chemo Shatter is made using a potent pure India which is rumored to have been developed for treating patient suffering side effects from chemotherapy. UBC Chemo has unworldly effects on pain management, nausea, lack of appetite, and insomnia. A definite go-to for anyone suffering from these ailments.

7 reviews for Exclusive Extracts – UBC Chemo Shatter

  1. joshua54

    I suffer friends severe scoliosis and a bad ” corrective surgery. I’m in pain constantly. Been on Oxy from the hospital ( I’m not a junky I do see a Dr. Monthly at a very legitimate hospital ) sucks I even had to explain that but it’s my world. When I found this ubc chemo shatter, it changed my life. after 16 months I take 70% remaining and on track to get to 0 torment retouches this year. A natural compound spared this new fathers life. To those doing combating torment and agony executioners, high measurements of THC and CBD worked for me. I’m 6’8″ and weight a solid 270 pounds, my resilience is high. I take 500mg to 700mg of THC orally and 200mg to 300mg of Real Scientific Hemp Oil ( much excessively costly however it’s the best ). Cannabis is exceptionally subjective, I can’t guarantee what worked for me is even safe for you. Counsel a specialist who works with cannabis for your conditions!

  2. melissa29

    Ubc shatter was stronger than expected, will knock you off your ass and only got to smoke a little bit. The high was amazing, a bit overwhelming sometimes but made me feel really relaxed.

  3. starboy11

    Great for insomnia and pain, not only getting to sleep but staying deep asleep. Wouldn’t recommend smoking this in the morning, this is my go to relaxation strain at the moment. Really nice after a hard days work to help wind down.”

  4. AllnightFighter

    Starts with a very subtle sensation; a mild drop in inhibition is followed by, a seductive urge to hit again. After you fall for her sublime invitation her incapacitating venom slowly courses through your veins creeping and saturated your synapses, slowly paralyzing them from accepting any impulses contrary to her agenda of slowly inducing a synaptical orgasm and then totally incapacitating your faculties, as you lay wondering if she’s emptying your wallet before parting ways. Going online from now on!

  5. LusterLanaster

    “Easily one of my favorite Indicas. Good for pain and stress. Reliable. Easy to find on Doob Dasher, often crossed with other Indica strains.

  6. martinr.eadan

    Nice overall strain. Works nicely for fibromyalgia pain. Haven’t dealt with any side effects. Excellent strain for day smoking, provided you deal with physical pain and have a fairly high THC tolerance.

  7. Tyler Ens (verified owner)

    Was smooth, knocked me on my butt. Heavy hitting but great feeling

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