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Gastown – THC Distillates

THC: High
CBD: Low
(2 customer reviews)

Concentrate Type:

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Product Information


Gas Town extracts is a Vancouver based company specializing in high strength concentrates Just how exactly does distillate vary from other concentrates though? Distillates use an extraction process called “short path distillation” that separates and refines molecules and contaminants to create a clean, almost clear concentrate. Other extraction methods don’t produce nearly the same purity level or variety of uses as this technique, making it highly regarded as a “top-shelf” concentrate.

2 reviews for Gastown – THC Distillates

  1. Paul Labelle (verified owner)

    Bought this thinking I might be able to refill my Zen Medical vape. Way too thick! So I went out and bought a vape with a quartz coil! This stuff kicks your ass but still allows you to function without the couch lock. A little harsh but very different tasting. Great for smell as well. Highly recommended great job again DD!

  2. Mike Martin (verified owner)

    I used this in my Zen vape pen. You have to heat it to get a softer consistency in order to put it into the pen. Goes a long way!!! The high is strong yet clear, energetic and smooth. My only critic is that you can sense the lack of other cannabinoids, its just pretty much THC.

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