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Grape God

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA
(14 customer reviews)

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Product Information


Grape God is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain which derives from the infamous God Bud and Grapefruit. Staying true to the name, Grape God has a sweet grape aroma with earthy notes which are apparent while exhaling. Grape God is a long lasting, euphoric strain which is amazing from stress relief. It is also great for Depression, and pain for long periods of time.

14 reviews for Grape God

  1. satchelbean

    Super powerful high. Wouldn’t recommend for beginners… One hit knocked me over for a good 4 hours… wave after wave of good body high with a heavy dose of introspective thinking.

  2. Instantlag.jen

    70/30 indica Smell of grape is present but faint as it is overtaken by a strong earthy smell. The taste is for the most part earthy while a little hint of grape makes it a pleasant after taste. Very Euphoric initially and as it tapers off a mild stone approaches and lingers into extreme feelings of being mellow for hours after. The buds were dense while still allowing for push. A bit hard to reach you guys but live chat was a definetly bonus, thank you… You guys need to work on your packages!

  3. shean23

    Writing review as I burn. It smells like a white grape crossed with blueberry (and a hint of mint), and the smell is strong. The smoke is light and almost has no taste. Its pretty cerebral and the high is noticeably strong. Euphoric and relaxed are the two traits that are most obvious to me; you could definitely use during the day for its euphoric effects and it doesn’t have couch lock, but you could absolutely use this as a relaxant to help you fall to sleep. I really enjoy this strain and I will use again.

  4. Mike

    This is my second order from doob dasher and the second time they have shorted me. I ordered 5 different strains all in eighth packages and all except one were short. That’s over a gram so far doob dasher has shorted me. Good product but the weight is never what they say it is. Probably the last time I order from here. The more you order the more you get shorted.

  5. simon.massondupras (verified owner)

    i have made a decent order with many strains grape god is my favorite .. grape god give you a energitic high…. 5 star overall on all stuff everything is perfect√© the customer support is awesome… the only negative part is the price of an ounce that make you save 5$

    but again overall it stil deserve 5 star ! no brench . every nugs are top quality.

  6. Luke.interstellarstar

    Always have me wondering why they call it Grape God, but this strain totally does the job! I also like Sour Diesel and Girls Scout. Your stuff here is top notch, just wished it was a 1 day delivery, wouldn’t mind paying more if I could get it faster. You should look into that.

  7. couchpotato

    Thank the Grape Gods!.. Very chill body feeling high, body-mind-spirit balancing… I’m getting hard and the high is strong, out of back pain and resting well from two nice water bowls!!…Delicious, very easy smooth yummmmy? smoke…this lovelylady nugs ease stress, encourage regeneration, reflection, restoration!

  8. crisinglood

    All bown down to the almighty Grape God! Godbud x Grapefruit. Not for being this crazy heavy hitter either, but for being the definition of a perfect indica dominant strain. This medicine acts as both pain relief as well as an anti-anxiety very quickly. With a smoother onset over the body and legs, a calming head high gives a sense of ease making it great choice for a first time patient. Definitely recommend checking it out if your on Doob Dasher for the first time!

  9. magical.unicorn.mayonaise (verified owner)

    First strain I ordered and I was not disappointed. Could definitely taste the grape and it got the job done. I was of course apprehensive about placing my first order but it arrived with no problems. Doobdasher is the real deal and have no fear in ordering from them.

  10. Donald_Liver

    70/30 indica Smell of grape is available yet black out as it is surpassed by a solid gritty smell. The taste is generally hearty while a little clue of grape makes it a lovely delayed flavor impression. Exceptionally Euphoric at first and as it decreases a gentle stone methodologies and waits into outrageous sentiments of being smooth for a considerable length of time after. The buds were thick while as yet taking into consideration push. Couldn’t be any more happier, got some amazing bonuses from DoobDasher since they messed up my order big time last time, Respect!

  11. geddes.scott (verified owner)

    Love this sweet grapey smoke.

  12. carpacio_83

    One of my favorite Indicas! Wonderful taste and overall experience. Grape God relaxes me, and I can still focus on it while reading. I also noticed it makes me sexually aroused far more than any indica I’ve tried. Huge plus! No munchies, just the bliss I desire for a balanced night of chillin’, good lovin’, and sound sleep! Yes, I can see why this strain has such a mighty name!

  13. jordyone (verified owner)

    I have never waited more than 3 days and that was because i ordered on a Friday. so far all the weed I have gotten has been awesome i’m glad i found this site.
    Both my wife and i really liked the purple space cookie so i can’t wait to try grape god.

  14. swmckellar (verified owner)

    Thirty years of smoking and this was just an amazing experience, the flavour is awesome when smoked or vaped. lasted 4 hours on a tiny pinch of product. Never had anything that could make me feel so happy, would be perfect for depression.

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