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Hemp Star

THC: High
CBD: Med
Grade: AAA
(7 customer reviews)

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Product Information


HempStar is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a 10:90 indica/sativa ratio. This strain is a cross between Haze, Oasis and Skunk. With an exceptional 25% THC content the strain is not to be taken lightly. Hempstar is also popularly referred to as Brainstorm and produces big dense nugs that are absolutely covered in crystals. Moreover, you will even notice hues of purple with a fine amount of red hair seeping through the surface all the while being extremely sticky and frosty at the same time. Hempstar smells quite fruity which is unusual considering its heritage. But then again, it tastes more or less the same with earthy undertones. One of the best things about Hempstar is that its high lasts for no less than three hours. As soon as you begin smoking the strain, you will feel the high overcome your body and mind. You will not only feel extremely relaxed but you will happy as well. The strain is better known for its medical applications. On several occasions, it has proven to be successful at treating medical conditions like schizophrenia, severe insomnia, depression, anxiety and loss of appetite.

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7 reviews for Hemp Star

  1. Christopher Hodson (verified owner)

    beautiful dense fluffy nugz. great in bong or joint

  2. Owen Pitblado (verified owner)

    Great Weed. Had me feeling amazing after just one bong hit. Would order again for sure!

  3. Jason Calahaisen (verified owner)

    Strawberry cheesecake was my first order , wasn’t too sure if site was legit, but now I can say it is 100 percent legitimate. . My order was shipped the same day I paid and took 2 business days ..

    And thebud is amazing,best bud I’ve smoked in years, smells strongly like strawberries and sugar , and even tasted very sweet, smoke is very milky and smooth .. just a pleasure to smoke .. and a little goes along way ..

    Currently waiting for my second order .. and will continue using this site

  4. andrew barclay (verified owner)

    This is great for a awesome daytime high! Let’s you stay focused and keep on your daily activities as well as be stones as a mother fricker

  5. Mark M (verified owner)

    Great high! Will buy again.

  6. Zach Perdue (verified owner)

    Always top notch product. This bud is caked with crystals and has a beautiful smell and taste. Perfect bud for blazing during the day ! This was my third order, and i must share this, because i ordered close to 420 ( April 20th) They had run out of some products and i did not get my full order :(, but with in one business day the people at Doobdasher had fixed every thing to my satisfaction ! Love this site and the people behind it !

  7. Scott Armstrong (verified owner)

    Wow. Stinky and aromatic, like a freshly plucked herb right out of the garden. Tight buds that get your fingers all sticky. Small joint knocked me right back and filled my head heavily. This is definitely the choice when you want to drop out and tune in, and leave all the weary cares of the world to the world. Teasing myself just writing about it.

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