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High School SweetheartHigh School Sweetheart

High School Sweetheart

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA
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Product Information


High School Sweetheart is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that brings us back to the days when life was more care-free. Every puff of the High School Sweetheart brings back more youthfulness and innocence. This hybrid is crossed between Cherry Pie Kush and the Grateful Breath, two of the most unique flowers and flavors out there. A match made in heaven! Nugs form tightly, and colas are surprisingly big and dense. Buds are very frosty and filled with resin, making a good base for a hash plant. Ideal for both daytime and evening usage. Expect beautiful colors as well. High School Sweetheart’s well rounded high will take you down memory lane with its nostalgic powers. Every puff will leave you more carefree and innocent. Back to top: High School Sweetheart

2 reviews for High School Sweetheart

  1. Benoit Bergeron (verified owner)

    As soon as i opened up the bag there it was that smell that brought me back to the 90’s
    You guys at DD got the name for that strain just right and the product description is most appropriate for this amazing strain

  2. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    Good daytime weed. Has a unique taste reminds me of the old days. Keep up the good work

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