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THC: High
CBD: Med
Grade: AAA
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Interstellar is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid strain, not much is known about the origins of this strain however it is said to have been created in Northern California. This strain is great whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned smoker! Interstellar gently lifts you into a creative, stress free, uplifted state and will stay there unless you are pounding back large amounts. These nug are completely caked in white crystals and smell of a tropical paradise! This immaculate strain taste as good as it smells, pineapple/mango when you inhale finished with a citrus lemon exhale. This strain is great for anyone suffering from depression, ADD/ADHD, creative block, and Anxiety.

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4 reviews for Interstellar

  1. Benoit Bergeron (verified owner)

    I highly recomend to any beer enthousiaste to smoke this and have a double IPA at the same Time the flavours mix very well togheter

  2. Matthew Wilson (verified owner)

    Caught myself literally dancing in the middle of my room and I tend to not have much energy in general. I’m a competitive bodybuilder so muscle soreness is a very common thing for me, this plus stretching is awesome. Love it!

  3. Liam Napoakesik (verified owner)

    Great smoke to get you started and very nice flavour, but being a more than common smoker I am it did take a bit more for me to feel the effects of this strain, but all in all great taste and very good looking nugs.

  4. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    Gave me the energy that gets you through those boring work days lol

    Keep up Great work ?

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