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Jelly Bombs – CBD

THC: Low
CBD: High
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Product Information


Jelly Bombs are a very popular cannabis edible containing only CBD.

Shaped like Lego Bricks from the popular childhood toy, each piece has eight easily divided sections. Each Lego Brick contains CBD.

It is recommended that new users divide the brick into eight small pieces and eat only one ten milligram portion to start. Jelly Bomb CBD comes in two flavors: Pineapple, and Peach

Regardless of the taste, however, these candies do stink so if you keep them in your purse of backpack, be sure to keep them in a sealed bag or tightly closed container.

Being made with CBD, the effect is to relieve pain, anxiety, and general stress but not make you sleepy. This way, you can eat small portions of jelly bombs during the day when you need to take the edge off but also need to work or concentrate on important tasks.

Larger portions can be eaten for recreational purposes. Many users report that Jelly Bombs CBD enhance their time with friends watching movies and listening to music.


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5 reviews for Jelly Bombs – CBD

  1. dismantlexme (verified owner)

    Felt an ease in my pain. I had to eat 2 of the recommended doses though.

  2. swj_79_10 (verified owner)

    This product is good for my anxiety. Allows me to relax, concentrate and get work done.

  3. judles (verified owner)

    Although this product relaxes me, which helps me sleep, I don’t find it helps at all with pain relief. The taste is really good, but the product is sticky so keep it wrapped in the paper before putting it back in the package.

  4. matthewpaparella (verified owner)

    Awesome product that provides the nice effects of CBD without having to use a vape or smoke. Great for stress relief and anxiety.

  5. wartasieradz187 (verified owner)

    I take 2 pieces for my (severe) anxiety which even relieves the extreme chest pain that comes with it. I also take one piece to help me sleep. Taste is great and the effects are a life saver for me.

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