Kush Oil - CO2 Oil Indica Cartridges (0.6mL)Kush Oil - CO2 Oil Indica Cartridges (0.6mL)

Kush Oil – CO2 Oil Indica Cartridges (0.6mL)

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Indica strains are known for producing a relaxing body high and a blissful sense of well being. Indica benefits include relief from pain, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Due to the sedative effect, indica is best suited for night time or when you just want to chill. Kush Oil uses the highest quality flower to turn it into premium CO2 oil. Kush Oil’s unique supercritical extraction process is done at low temperatures to preserve the ideal organic state. The result is a clean, full-spectrum oil which includes the full natural terpene profile of the original strains. Precision processing creates our incomparably smooth flavors and lush aromas. The extracts are free from additives and residual solvents. As a connoisseur seeking the ultimate quality, look no further. The 0.6 mL super cartridge features stainless steel & glass with silicone seals and no glue. This is Kush Oil’s most popular flagship cartridge. It heats the oil using a ceramic coil. This cartridge is capable of making super tokes! Note: Battery Kit not included. Please add a battery kit if you don’t have one.


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