LA Cheese

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA
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LA Cheese is an Indica dominant hybrid which derives from the popular LA Confidential and UK Cheese strains.

Originally from California, this extremely potent Indica strain packs a serious long lasting punch. Its nugs are not only dense, but are covered inside and out with immaculate crystals creating the look as if someone had sprinkled parmesan all over it.

LA Cheese smells and taste as the name states followed by a pungent overtone.

Being that it is an extremely potent Indica strain, LA Cheese is great for treating pain, stress, and eating disorders. Truly a perfect strain for marijuana connoisseurs.

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12 reviews for LA Cheese

  1. Lewis

    Not too heavy I liked this strain.

  2. Sandyb

    This wasn’t easy to find, I’ve been on a few online dispensaries and gotta say respect! La Cheese is a killer for a nice sleep to get up to do some boring work.

  3. Henry.vck

    Thought I would try it out, especially being my first time ordering online, your live chat was pretty cool! I find it hard to relax sometimes, so I’ve been testing a few strains, but La cheese not bad…

  4. BenjaminFongle9

    After a few email responses back and fourth for the last week, finally received my bud in the mail on Friday.. Once I had a few hits from La Cheese, I couldn’t stop laughing lol,

  5. Zaptimer03

    Took over 4 days to get my package, thought it was gonna be quicker. I had my doubts anything was coming at all, even though you guys were pretty quick to respond to messages. Overall, the bud was on point tho, felt more like an indica then it was hybrid 🙂

  6. zipper.man24

    We got a quarter of LA Cheese last week on doobdasher. It was covered in trichromes.. Literally. It also smelled very pungent and tasted rather interesting, although I won’t say it’s my favorite taste. While this was a great strain for your neighborhood cannassuer, it’s also great for recreational and/or medicinal users. Very intense euphoric and energetic effects. While it had me up and moving, still allowed me to go right to sleep. Packed heave munchies with it so make sure you have some tasty snacks! One of my all time favorites from this website!

  7. Kevin (verified owner)

    not really the aroma i expected but very potent. It is worth a try. kept me productive too.

  8. tony29

    La Cheese is good for a first time smoker. Makes you sleepy and happy. The taste is super crystally and it is a musky smoke. It is more of a shut eye visuals on the love seat (it was a decent smoke). I was still shocked this strain as I would see it and it was a decent way. I adore the essence of this strain, possibly I would suggest forever. Smoked a bowl of this and i was gone, it was great. I was stoned off of this yet the high is extremely inventive and enthusiastic. I did a black out buzz and I was to a great degree happy and elevated and tired.

  9. garyelgira

    Dense bud from Central BC, great for fatigue and pain related to MS. Is new to me and now one of my top ten!

  10. enker_dar89

    Do not expect to move again after you are fully medicated on this strain. Just consider it to be time for night night.

  11. zacharymills1 (verified owner)

    This stuff almost knocked me out, Holy shit. I order 4 different strains at a time and then give each a try immediately. Well, I started off with LA cheese and goddamn. I had trouble packing the bowl of ghost train after it, and after I smoked that I was too stoned to remember to smoke more weed. 10/10 would smoke myself into a coma with again

  12. itiswhatitis71 (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff……extremely impressed!!!

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