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Land Cruiser (green house)

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA

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Product Information


Land Cruiser is a mostly Sativa hybrid that packs a solid fun-filled punch. It’s actually very lights-out for the inexperienced consumer. Experienced users might not feel much of the heat but will definitely enjoy the giggles. Land Cruiser is a very nice greenhouse flower grown strain that benefits consumer in a plenitude of ways. Lack hunger? It will induce a lovely appetite. Do you suffer from social anxiety? It will calm your nerves and open you up to fun in social situations. Do you suffer from nausea? Land Cruiser helps alleviate nausea. It’s a sweet strain to cure hangovers or help with stomach ailments. Remember though, this is nothing fancy. It’s a utilitarian strain with a mission to get you laughing and feeling great. The taste is very reminiscent of lemons. The bud structure is packed with nugs that are lightly caked and light green in color. Back to top: Land Cruiser (green house)


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