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Its first known usage was by the natives of Central America and North America over 2,000 years ago. Known to the Aztecs as teonanácatl from Nahuatl: teotl “god” + nanácatl “fungus”. The Mexican strain is appreciated by first-time psychonauts because they are great for a first experience to ‘enter in contact’ with the magic mushrooms world, especially if you are into spiritual experiences. Many users prefer for their first experiences the Mexican Magic Mushrooms because they offer a complete psychoactive experience with a gentle impact in the body. You’ll feel joy, fun and euphoria and experience visual hallucinations just with approximately 5 grams of fresh mushrooms and 15 minutes after consuming it. The effects enlarge your creativity and original thoughts, your social behavior and good feelings. You’ll get visuals hallucinations, both with opened and closed eyes: shapes colors variations, as well as fractals and forms.

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  1. brandonzamostny1 (verified owner)

    These are awesome… stick with the shrooms rather than the chocolate bars.

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