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Mindful Cannabis ChocolateMindful Cannabis Chocolate

Mindful Cannabis Chocolate

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Mindful Cannabis Chocolates are the perfect alternative method for users who would like to gain the benefits of Cannabis Medicine without the need for smoke inhalation. Edibles are also known to be a more effective method of treatment for physical pain, or for symptoms that require a body-oriented effect. Mindful Cannabis Chocolates are bound to melt away unwanted stress, physical tension, and leave you in a dreamy warm blanket of tranquil sensation and euphoria.

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1 review for Mindful Cannabis Chocolate

  1. judles (verified owner)

    This product tastes good, works fast, and helps relax me and helps with pain relief. I have chronic pain (fibromyalgia) and have been trying unsuccessfully to find an edible that has CBD to help me relax/sleep and “just enough” THC to help with my pain. Everything I’ve tried so far just gets me too high (it doesn’t take much for me) and that throws me into panic attacks. FINALLY this Mindful Cherry Dark Chocolate is doing it for me! It has a 2:1 ratio (CBD:THC) which seems to be the ratio that works for me. One square is 10 mg. CBD and 5 mg. THC, and I cut each square in half for only half the dosage. The pain is better fairly quickly (within 1/2 hour or less) and the pain relief lasts about 4 hours. If I could take more than that at a time I’m sure the relief time would be longer. I would recommend this product to others who need pain relief and relaxation without the head high.

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