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Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone

THC: Very High

Concentrate Type:

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Product Information


What do you get when you mix top shelf Pink Kush flower + Death Bubba kief + THC distillate all wrapped into one cone? One of the hardest hitting cannabis products you will ever have the pleasure of trying! What makes these even more special is how easy they are to consume. Just light them up and puff your way to another galaxy! Our Twax Cones are definitely not for beginners or even intermediate users…we would even advise our most veteran users to consume these with caution! They are definitely one of the strongest products we carry and they will hit you hard…REAL HARD!

They may look like a normal extra large cone on the outside, but don’t let these heavy hitters fool you…what’s inside is what matters. These are definitely a must try!

Each Twax Cone consists of 1 gram top shelf Pink Kush flower + 0.5 gram Death Bubba kief + 0.25 gram THC distillate for a total of 1.75 grams of THC heaven all wrapped into one cone.

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