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Ouide Edibles – Relax (Indica)

THC: High
CBD: Low
(17 customer reviews)

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Ouide Edibles Relax (Indica Blend) are delicious little berry flavored gummies that pack an whopping 20mg of THC! These lab tested gummies will relieve symptoms such as Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Depression, Inflammation, Nausea, Anxiety, Headaches, Muscle Spasms, PMS. It is also proven to improve Relaxation, Sleep, Appetite. In a bag you will receive 15 gummies each containing 20mg of THC.

It is recommended that first timers try just half a gummy (10mg of THC) to start and increase from there.

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17 reviews for Ouide Edibles – Relax (Indica)

  1. gam425 (verified owner)

    I’m a chronic. I enjoy a good heady buzz. Any buzz really. I really enjoyed these. I took 2 and got a great warm body buzz.

  2. Matt Mcneil (verified owner)

    Good price! Candy size is pretty big… bigger then most. Taste isn’t the best but it gets the job done!

  3. Landry Daniel (verified owner)


  4. Teressa Muglia (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised at the size and taste! In a good way! I’m a causal user and it worked well can’t wait to try the other ones

  5. Martin Phillips (verified owner)

    High was great but they tasted terrible so they don’t deserve a good rating

  6. Teressa Muglia (verified owner)

    I felt it was more of a hit and miss. That was the indica. I would try the other but only if it came in a sample pack

  7. rtgibbs (verified owner)

    The texture and taste are similar to chewing on a new rubber boot. Does the trick though. Nice little buzz and puts me to sleep.

  8. Freedom 55 (verified owner)

    I usually get the lego bricks (the other edible offered) but struggle with how much to take. These are a perfect size. Yes, you can taste the weed but I like the taste of weed. Takes about an hour or so but very relaxing once it kicks in. With teens around the house I can chew one up without anyone noticing and then later chill. I am in the process of buying again. Recommended.

  9. lazarus30_len (verified owner)

    My order showed up ahead of schedule, discretely packages.
    Good quality merchandise.
    Sure, some people complain about the smell or the taste…
    But that’s like buying fireball and complaining about the cinnamon smell and taste… I mean really, what did you expect?
    If used properly it does exactly why it is advertised to do.
    Looking forward to trying the different items from my order.

  10. Landry Daniel (verified owner)

    si vous etes un bon fumeur n acheter pas ca.
    apres un sac complet aucun effet.
    je me suis dit peut etre j avait trop fumer dans la journee alors le lendemain matin j en ai ouvert un autre sac et je l ai manger au complet et puis comme prevus rien pas d effet.
    mais si vous etes un petit consommateur alors peut etre vous allez aimer mais pour ma part c etait pas assez fort

  11. penguinbk (verified owner)

    Came in a discrete package with this air sealed inside (along with other purchases). I am a moderate smoker and 1-2 “pills” is enough. Tastes pretty bad though lol.

  12. penguinbk (verified owner)

    Came in a discrete package with this air sealed inside (along with other purchases). I am a moderate smoker and 1-2 “pills” is enough. Tastes pretty bad though lol.

  13. KG (verified owner)

    My friend really likes these. I’ve got them for him a few times now, and he’s been happy every time.

  14. paularthurfreynet (verified owner)

    very nice buzz – i’ve tried a lot of different available edibles and these, along with the sativa version, are some of the best with an actual 20 mg per piece as opposed to many others from other sources online that do not have a comparable high tho they claim more THC content – just a great edible

  15. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    Had 3 and wow im stoned!!! Full body relaxation!! This is perfect for my road trip coming up!!! Will try 3 red ones next!! Love it

  16. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    4 is the magic number for 3-4 hours of perfect bliss!!!! 3 is good 4 is perfect!!

  17. kz1000r (verified owner)

    Nice. God glow on.

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