Pharm 33 : THC Shatter 1 Gram of Doobdasher, CanadaPharm 33 : THC Shatter 1 Gram of Doobdasher, Canada

Pharm 33: THC Syringe

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Pharm 33: THC Syringe Pharm33 is a premium cannabis company based in Kelowna, BC – a place well known for producing some of the best Cannabis in the world. Yes, the world. If you know, you know. You’ll love all of our products; they’re full of flavor and are lab-tested – always making sure there are no artificial additives – ever. Syringes are sold in 1 gram size. Choose between Death Bubba, Durban Poison, Cherry Bomb, Agent Orange, King Louis XII, Lemonade, Tropicana, Grapefruit Romulan, Goji OG, Cranberry Kush, White Widow, Blackberry Kush, Orange Cookies, GSC!


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