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Pink Candy Shatter

THC: High
Grade: AAAA
(2 customer reviews)

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Product Information


The strain dubbed Pink Candy isn’t your typical cannabis strain. Its genetics have been shrouded in mystery, with claims that it’s a hybrid cross either between Stinky Pinky and Cotton Candy, or Pink Panther and Candy Kush. Too often, genetics are not passed on to the budtenders at dispensaries, so finding out about this strain may leave you in the dark. However, what we do know about Pink Candy is that it has a sweet and tangy flavor profile, with the distinct odor of pink lemonade. Reviewers often state that this strain will sedate you within the time frame of two to three hours, so the majority should be prepared to fall asleep after trying this strain. Other reviewers note this strain’s ability to offer pain relief. THC levels fall around the high teens with Pink Candy, and it does contain a higher CBD level than your average strain which may justify why reviewers note they experience pain relief. When you open up a bag of pink candy, you’ll find its buds are various shades of light greens, with burnt orange pistils and purple hues, along with a thick layer of trichomes that further lighten the colors and give it an almost pink-like appearance from a distance. BUY 20 GRAMS MORE AND RECEIVE 10% OFF

2 reviews for Pink Candy Shatter

  1. dillonlockhart69 (verified owner)

    Amazing smell, taste and high. Hits heavily and very fast. Will buy again

  2. Nick Norris (verified owner)

    Slow delivery and processing, DoobDasher used to be fast and reliable. Product is still good tho

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