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Purple 7 - Vape Pen REFILLSPurple 7 - Vape Pen REFILLS

Purple 7 – Vape Pen REFILLS

THC: Very High
CBD: Low
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Purple 7 THC Vape Pen refills. Pen not included. 8 Strains: – Original Hybrid – Gelato – Girl Scout Cookies – Grapefruit – Green Crack – Sour Diesel – Tangerine Dream – Wedding Cake Does NOT contain vitamin E acetate BUY MORE SAVE MORE!! 4-5 SAVE 10% 6+ AND SAVE 15%

6 reviews for Purple 7 – Vape Pen REFILLS

  1. jean_gauvreau (verified owner)

    Great little refill.
    510 thread and a variable airway that you twist. Be careful batteries will not turn on at wide open throttle.
    But produt itself awesome great high.

  2. m_e_oc (verified owner)

    How do you change the refill? The first pen fell apart trying to put the refill on! We just received a new pen thanks to the amazing staff at but still can’t dignité it out?

  3. jean_gauvreau (verified owner)

    M e o c
    That pen is a disposable it wont work
    You need to get a 510 thread
    Battery 20$

    Silver tip disposable

  4. Al Malcolmson (verified owner)

    Great product! However, the refills are not for the pens. They are refills for all other 510 thread batteries, works well with my Voopoo Mojo vape battery which has the standard threads for most vapes.

  5. The Doctor (verified owner)

    I am an avid user of Tangerine Dream both flower and vape.

    The good: the purple 7 fits perfectly into any 510 thread pen. This is good. No need to buy another battery. The effects are nice. No couch lock, doesn’t smell a lot, social and uplifting buzz that lets me get things done without forgetting what I’m doing after taking 3 steps!!

    The not so good: flavour is lacking in my opinion. I am used to Cove vape cartridges and purple 7 is not as flavourful. There is a hard to describe aftertaste that is mildly unpleasant.

    I may buy again but only if there’s a sale. I’m probably gonna stick with something that tastes much cleaner. Glad to try it though!

  6. gudgirlgonebiker (verified owner)

    Girl Scout Cookies was the best. Got my pain levels done and tasted very pleasant. (was buying it b4 the sale_

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