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Exclusive Extracts – Purple Thai Shatter

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAAA
(12 customer reviews)

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Exclusive Extracts – Purple Thai Shatter Sativa-dominant strain is a cross between Thailand-native Chocolate Thai and the Mexico-native Highland Oaxaca Gold. It has an earthy flavor weed but with a berry/coffee twists thrown in for a unique taste. With an average THC level of 20 to 23 percent, the high hits hard and fast and could last for quite some time. But in shatter form (a honey-like state of weed extract concentrates), the THC content can be much higher, sometimes up to 80%. First time users or those vulnerable to weed-induced anxiety may want to stay away from this one. But if you are looking for something to manage depression, high stress levels or a high-fatigue job, the Purple Thai is a great choice. The prominent effect is a euphoric feeling that hits a few minutes after vaping or smoking Purple Thai. It spurs creativity, makes you more active, and causes you to be chattier than usual. Medically, it mitigates chronic pain, helps counter fatigue, treats migraines and fights depression.

12 reviews for Exclusive Extracts – Purple Thai Shatter

  1. hervecote1956


  2. hervecote1956


  3. vince (verified owner)

    great stuff

  4. Emandudeguy

    My favorite strain, always a great smoke that puts some sunshine in my day. Makes me feel like a toasted marshmallow.

  5. faroutadventure_

    Very cheerful, carefree, creative high. I felt at times it can be hit and miss, but for the most part at least for me it was all around a pleasant time!

  6. fishercatch

    Works well on inflammation. Great for PTSD and anxiety relief.

  7. wolfthesly

    A gentle, yet smoothe high that advocates a restfull evening that includes a generous amount of food and a long session of chilling. An effervescently serene feeling of sleepiness and haze permeate the atmosphere as gentle relaxation sets in to ease the troubles of the day away.

  8. lordvain_076

    PurpleThai would have to be my favorite shatter of all time. Not for being the best or have a certain difference to it , Mainly because whenever i smoke purplethai its a new experience. I’ve smoked pt over 10 times and cant get enough of it. It makes me feel like there’s no worry’s in life and makes me very chilled and relaxed, but at the same time i get the urge to talk and be very energetic. The perfect night time hit.

  9. Emeliacantral

    I honestly can not say enough good things about this strain. I suffer from anxiety and became a patient to see if marijuana could help some of my symptoms. I figured if I could control what I smoked, I would be able to find something that worked for me. Unfortunately over the last month, every strain I tried, no matter how low the THC content, would cause immense panic attacks and overall terrible experiences. Really disappointing. I made one last run to try ordering online at doobdasher “livechat” to buy a high CBD strain to try, before I retired my recommendation and sought other options. Holy hell, this is the strain for me. I have almost NO anxiety when I smoke this. I can talk, think clearly, be in public, and many other things that are just unmanageable for me when I smoke high THC strains. The high isn’t too overwhelming, but it’s still there. I just feel uplifted, relaxed, but fully functional. I even notice that some of the side effects of THC that can throw me into a full fledged panic attack (i.e. the racing heartbeat feeling) doesn’t bother me when I smoke this strain. The only downside is sometimes I get wicked munchies. If you’re looking for a blow your mind other dimension high, this strain is not for you. But if you’re looking to put your anxiety at ease while still being able to fully function, look up a dispensary and do. not. hesitate. You will not regret it.

  10. snowdenpass

    A good mellow sativa, very creative and happy, good for pain/stress relief. What I really like is the focus and the mellow I get–Purple Thai’s not an overly cerebral strain to me (Durban Poison winds me up too tight, makes me too chatty and brain buzzy) so its a really good daytime strain for folks like myself! I dig the mild purple/chocolatey/earthyness, too!

  11. YanezBuster

    Purple thai surprised me, I did indeed find myself slack jawed for a bit. When your coming home from a exhausting day at the construction site and you just need to zone out.

  12. seelingsuper2

    Love your sales, you need some flash sales for your purple thai shatter or any shatter for that matter! I don’t mind the lag in Canada Post sometimes, and your team has been very diligent with your replies, recommended 3 of my friends and couldn’t be any happier with what you guys have!

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