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Rosin Hash

THC: High
CBD: Low
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Rosin Hash is a new high quality solvent-less concentrate similar to BHO. This new technique was named Rosin Hash or Rosin Tech, and was based on a simple principle: apply heat and very high pressure on the plant material to extract its resin. As happens often, this technique was soon improved, achieving awesome results and captivating plenty of cannabis aficionados. Today there is a whole industry dedicated to this type of extract, with stunning presses that have improved both yields and quality. Furthermore, there are several ways to use this technique no matter the cannabis strain we grow, mainly depending on the starting material.

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1 review for Rosin Hash

  1. KThomas (verified owner)

    If you aren’t familiar with the caramel texture of rosin, then this isn’t for you.
    At room temp, it looks and spreads caramel syrup and softens quickly when take out of the freezer so be prepared to be dab ready, otherwise it’s fantastic to spread a thin layer on your papers. Nice and mellow.

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