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Sea Warp (green house)

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA

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Product Information


Sea Warp is a dominant sativa strain from Texada Island and a hybrid between Texada Timewarp and Sea-weed therefore getting the name Sea Warp. The buds are bright green in color with an exterior generous cover of trichrome. The weed has a THC level of 16% and high CBD – cannabinoid weed components- of close to 3%, CBD are very helpful in lifting off illnesses and their symptoms. This sativa strain is fast growing taking about 8-9 weeks when grown indoor with high yields of thick and triangular shaped buds, its best grown half time indoor and the other half outdoor for maximum yields at around the month of September. It grows the same size in height and width. Sea Warp has a woody and earthy aroma almost like herbal pine. Sea Warp has a lemon taste from its Timewarp parent has several benefits such as giving the smoker a comfortable feeling of relaxation, it is suitable for relieving pain, decreasing inflammations, boosting appetite, depression, promotes creativity, alleviates symptoms of PTSD and helps those quitting cigarette smoking. A smoke eliminates muscle aches and gives the body a calming and a slowing effect. Sea Warp has euphoric feeling, improves a user mood giving them a feeling of happiness and totally decreasing stress and leaving them energetic. It is recommended for anyone in need of a smoke and has to stay functional and active throughout the day. While using c warp weed to ease pain, small dosages with an interval of about 5 minutes will yield maximum results. Back to top: Sea Warp (green house)


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