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Super Kush

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA
(27 customer reviews)

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Product Information


First-time medical marijuana patients and occasional tokers may enjoy this mild combination of Northern Lights #5 and Hindu Kush, both widely popular strains. Super Kush leans toward the indica side of its genes, but the exact ratio of sativa to indica is unclear. THC levels hover between 15% and 20%, making this a fairly potent medical choice. CBD levels are unclear, however, which suggests they’re too low to recommend Super Kush as a medication for seizure disorders or other problems that can be helped with CBD. Instead, this strain should be used to treat muscle cramps, spastic conditions, chronic pain, insomnia, and stress. The moderate effects are mostly head-centered, which is relatively unusual for an indica. They include euphoria, happiness, creativity, and mental focus. Dry mouth is the only widely reported adverse effect, though red eyes, headaches, paranoia, and dizziness are also possible. Super Kush has an earthy, floral smell with hints of pine, as well as a similar flavor. The bud is dense and aqua-green with orange hairs. Found mostly in British Columbia, where it was born. Back to top: Super Kush

27 reviews for Super Kush

  1. Crest

    Read reviews on weedmaps and decided to try ordering online for the first time. All comments are true. Fast hitting high. Very smooth easy smoke, and the fruity smoke scent was enjoyable. Cotton mouth happen quickly but i was prepared with a drinl near by.

  2. carmelohit

    By far my favorite strain, very nice smell & look, great indica, after a bowl instantly locked in the couch after raiding the fridge, great for pain relief, depression, & sleep, highly recommend this strain

  3. Lilly865

    I smoked Super Kush before concert… I didn’t know how to act, I was amused by lights and people, and laughing my ass out… At one moment I thought that is the end of its effect, but that was just for moment, the craziness keep punching my brain out for hours! One of the best strains I’ve ever tried, I would recommend it for everyone.

  4. faith888

    Customer Service = YES, Product = YES, and finally would I Reorder = YES

    It’s my favorite strain thus far! 🙂

  5. jojo814

    I deal with a lot of pain from fibromyalgia and degenerative discs in my back. this really helped with a nice joint. made me stress free and practically pain free.

    REcommended to anyone who is looking to order online, just might take a few days to be at your doorstep.

  6. enhirr

    Super for a reason, love your flower and packaging..

  7. brucetanner

    Black Friday is awesome. Order over $200 worth of product today and I’ll update everyone soon

  8. greymatter1

    If you have bad problems with your anxiety and asthma I highly recommend super kush for pms as well. I find it takes my mind off my emotions and allows me to laugh and be happy again definitely one for relaxing and getting back into who you are free, happy, and full of life again. Killed my major mood disorders and massive depression.

  9. donteshield

    Got it under 3 business days and gotta say, you guys are intensly polite in your chats :)….for sure it’s the reason I went on a house-cleaning spree!! Take note, this is NOT a strain for those intending to be put to sleep…this is work/activity weed. Try it, I doubt if you’ll be disappointed!

  10. Xcentralbase

    Relaxing, mind easing strain. It clears my head from bad thought and calms me down nicely. My body feels heavy, but I can still get and do stuff unlike with some other indicas that can make me get stuck in the couch or bed. I have some anxiety and some strains can make it worse but this one is the opposite. The only bad effect I could feel was a dry mouth 10-15 minutes after I smoked. Would recommend to others who wants to relax and have clear headed high. Packages look good and e-mails were dealt with promptly.

  11. dan.ravary (verified owner)

    Super Kush doesn’t have much of an effect on me, but I have noticed some pain relief and less muscle spasms. Pairs good with a fresh cup of coffee. I probably would not recommend to a friend.

  12. raxtax.eddy

    I order every other week, and consistenly thick buds and amazing colors! A high that lasts for a few hours at least and couldn’t be any better for a nice lazy Sunday.. Superkush my baby!

  13. dinahina22

    This super kush is probably one of the most energetic and motivating, I’ve felt after smoking any kush. Definitely an excellent choice for moms trying to get the housework done before the kids get home.

  14. neil.kirk89 (verified owner)

    You guys are amazing. The medicine provided, down to the customer service, NOTHING beats the level of quality we as customers receive in more ways than one. Super Kush was great for my sciatica spasms and an excellent stress reliever. I would recommend this strain to anyone.

  15. Oscarmyers1985

    picked up a quarter of this stuff on doob Dasher last week and so far it’s awesome. smoked a bowl of this i’m well medicated.

  16. Francaisisoue

    I like this strain, but you need to work on better pricing on this website. It leaves me feeling clear headed, happy and relaxed and works wonders for pain. It does not make me anxious at all and it is more of a head high but has some body high to go along with it. The flavour is quite pleasant as well, grassy, and a little fruity. The only downside for me is that it makes me incredibly hungry and that effect lasts a while.

  17. enker_dar89

    I smoked Super Kush last night and as the bag filled,I noticed the smoke wasn’t all that thick, but it sure packed a nice punch. The initial euphoria was worth the experience alone. It calmed into a pleasant clear headed buzz with some nice waves through the body. I slept amazing.

  18. decos91

    Doobdasher is changing all bad reviews to good ones. Left a review the other day saying don’t buy here and now it says totally buy here. Lots of chemicals so prepare for a pounding headache in the morning. and very slow shipping. Takes them over a day to drop package off to post office. BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

  19. sashavelle_89

    A mellow strain that melt pain and stress away without being overwhelming. I love this one for a shopping trip or a little short hike in the forest. It’s Earthy, sweet and pungent like most kush but the one I got wasn’t dominant at all. The buzz was very good and largely compensated the lack of taste. You fell relax, happy, you want to talk to peoples. Good strain to initiate someone to cannabis!

  20. williamycorr (verified owner)

    So smooth…
    Being mello with occasional noughts of hearty laughter. Thank you!

  21. installationsbyrick (verified owner)

    This bud is simply amazing, and doobdasher is the best place to get it

  22. Zach Perdue (verified owner)

    All products are always 5/5 stars . Always the best with excellent customer service ! Love the people at Doobs 🙂

  23. awanarsala (verified owner)

    just rolled one so i can write a review:) Its gonna make you cough but thats ok cause ” if you dont cough you got ripped off” lol…..Taste is bit different and earthydefinitely has an aftertaste….it also forms the longest ashes like some cigarettes.
    I am loving it so far!!

  24. jaym125 (verified owner)

    It works wonders for my depression, joint and muscle pain, and for my girlfriend’s anxiety. I got a quarter and got a 6.5g bud and its little five chunk sidekick. Smells beautiful, tastes delicious. Clear headed high, relaxing (in the sense of relieving the pressure of stress, anxieties, responsibilities); functional; it’s sort of the choose-your-own-adventure book of strains in the sense that unlike most strains which seem to enhance specific types of activities, Super Kush is an all around good time whether you’re doing house work, reading, being creative, or whatever else you can think of.

  25. Asaadkassim (verified owner)

    Not 5☆ but damn this is a great bud! Great taste, burns nice, n this super kush will leave u with super munchies

  26. Idyllictimes (verified owner)

    Its not super odorous or that pungent but boy am I freakin’ high.
    Its not insanely harsh either like some other kush strains.

  27. Darroch Corey (verified owner)

    Its decent bud for a good price. Would buy strain again

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