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Super Mario CBD (green house)

THC: High
CBD: High
Grade: AAA
(19 customer reviews)

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Product Information


Super Mario CBD is a hybrid that is grown by Gastown. It is high CBD content and  minimizes sedation while still providing valuable relief of pain from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Because the sedative effects are constrained, this product can be used during the day, many people find helpful treating anxiety and depression. The smaller, pine-green buds are dense with a slightly sweet flavor that burns well either in a pipe or rolled in a joint. For those who require frequent dosing for control of symptoms, and who dislike being overly sedated, Super Mario CBD is an excellent and economical choice.

19 reviews for Super Mario CBD (green house)

  1. nickbrayon (verified owner)

    For the price ya can’t complain for those who suffer aches n pains caused by arthritis, this is da best deal , and it’s not bad smoke

  2. Darroch Corey (verified owner)

    Excellent strain for how cheap it is! Would highly recommend giving this strain a try.

  3. JasonFu (verified owner)

    Dense, tight buds full of crystal…tasty smoke too…arthritis well managed with this medicine! I would recommend this strain to anyone who needs pain relief or for daytime recreational activities. Awesome deal, thanks everyone involved! Cheers

  4. Dungeon__Master (verified owner)

    Incredibly crystally, wonderfully tight buds with a excellent pain-relieving body buzz, and for the price? What a fantastic job to all those who helped make this happen, and hopefully happen again in the future!! I’d love to get a notification when this strain becomes available again. ^_^

  5. jessica.a.thompson (verified owner)

    Amazing taste, great for sore body. All around nice looking bud

  6. Venus (verified owner)

    Hands down another great strain from doobdasher. This came back from a good reason. The strain( supermario feel) and those medically need it(seizures/depression/anxiety and arthritis) . ? Recommend and experienced smokers thou.

  7. Asaadkassim (verified owner)

    Super Mario is definitely the right name….super nice smoke, super nice buzz, super nice price!

  8. rockforme2 (verified owner)

    This site is fantastic! The delivery happened within 3 days and the product Supermario is outstanding! Smooth & potent for a good buzz.

  9. Tracee Slobodian (verified owner)

    Great pain relief at a great price. This really helped with my menstrual cramps. Hopefully this comes available again.

  10. lukebeerwalker (verified owner)

    dont let the look of this fool you! tastes amazing and breaks up perfectly. amazing bud for the price. buzz is exactly as mentioned in the write up. im sorry mario but the princess is in another castle

  11. taisha4love (verified owner)

    This is the best I have ever had. I didnt become a couch potato and I was very productive. Usually I get paranoid if I smoke, but with this I had more control over my thoughts while still feeling bliss. I hope this stays, cuz it’s good!

  12. Funkŷ ch1ck3n (verified owner)

    My body has taken quite a beating from the 10+ car accidents I have been involved in

    It’s comforting knowing I can safely medicate using doobdasher.
    GREAT BUD thanks

  13. scott.rancourt29 (verified owner)

    I dont know where to start, very dense nugs that feel dry to the touch but once cracked are the perfect density for rolling, packing, vaping. The thc content is perfect for your morning wake and bake for those more experienced along with a wonderful cbd level that i personally find keeps my high at the perfect level for class. this is now at number #3 on my list of strains. cannot go wrong if looking for a perfect daily use medication for those who have to function in society. It does get you high dont the CBD content fool you. Have just ordered more.

  14. pappabear (verified owner)

    When first opening your goodie bag you will be hit by that sweet aroma of a good bud, I found it a great product for after work chilling on the couch. Doesn’t make you to stupid so you can still be the responsible adult but give you a nice mellow feeling. This product should always be in your line up and will be ordering it as long as they sell it. Great site too

  15. falebrinza (verified owner)

    Loved this strain it was a happy high

  16. Eric Vanderwerf (verified owner)

    Great product for the cost. I’ve smoked for a long time and this is my go to. Does not leave you tired or stuck to the couch

  17. jjmcb123 (verified owner)

    Best strain I have ever smoked. I don’t like intense highs because I tend to trip out but this is perfect and super affordable.

  18. Teressa Muglia (verified owner)

    One of my favourites that I will keep buying. It’s a good balance with a great price

  19. stamour.richard (verified owner)

    Very good strain, got rid of pounding headache almost instantly. Would have given five stars if the flowers hadn’t been so bone dry!

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