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Tuna Kush Shatter

THC: High
CBD: High
Grade: AAAA

Effects: , ,

Flavors: , ,

Medical: , ,

Concentrate Type: ,

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Product Information


Tuna Kush is an indica strain, originating in British Columbia and now growing popularity in the United States. This strain is known to be highly potent, producing a “trippy” high that will let your imagination run wild. It's also known to produce a stinky skunk aroma so be prepared! Tuna Kush will mellow you out even if you are highly stressed. This makes it a good choice for the weekend or any other time when you need help getting into deep relaxation mode. Users report that Tuna Kush eliminates body pain due to chronic diseases like lupus and arthritis. It will also help you get highly restorative deep sleep so your body can fully rejuvenate itself. ***Doob10 Coupon¬†is NOT applicable for Tuna Kush


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