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Tuna Kush

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAAA
(16 customer reviews)

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Product Information


Tuna Kush, also known as “Tuna OG”, is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a phenotype of the classic Hindu Kush. Even with its beautifully relaxing indica high, Tuna Kush’s stench can be overpowering. Tuna Kush has a super pungent smell that’s actually incredibly fishy, almost like rotting tuna! This smell doesn’t transfer over very well to flavor – it has a sour skunky taste that’s incredibly pungent with a kushy fish flavor that can leave you gagging. If you can get passed this funky stank, you’ll be met with one of the richest indica highs you can experience. The high has a heady onset of euphoria and a touch of energy that lifts your mood and leaves your mind wandering through dreamy introspection. This thoughtful and peaceful state will become slightly stoney in concurrence with a warming body high that washes over you from top to bottom. These two effects blend together harmoniously, leaving you slightly couch-locked and very sleepy. In combination with its high 16-18% average THC level, you can count on Tuna Kush to ease the symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety or stress. Tuna Kush buds have long minty green pepper-shaped nugs with long thin amber hairs and tiny white frosty crystal trichomes.

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16 reviews for Tuna Kush

  1. chloholio

    My favorite or 2nd favorite, it’s up there. This stuff always gets me medicated on the first hit. I love feeling the strong effects right away. So many strains out there now but Tuna Kush is always a go to… Thanks for fasst shipping guys!

  2. KinderRapsody

    You guys are legit! My friends came over on the weekend and couldn’t stop raving about my KUSH!!! My little secret lol

  3. cretin71

    I ordered up Tuna Kush from DoobDasher for its relaxing effects. Couple hits right after dinner and your day is definitely done. The head high is manageable and constant. Body definitely loses a gear or two. I’m sorry but rarely do I get the taste and smell thing. TK is a strain I’d order regularly. Shipping was harmless and safe too, thanks!

  4. HerbeHeureuse

    How come the packages don’t have your logos on them But aside from that, decent Indica strain, zombie like high. Felt the tension in my body slowly fade away and felt like a puddle of relaxation.

  5. Shuan1

    Great support guys, I’ve order from a few other sites, and I have to say you guys, so far are way quicker to respond to any questions I have

    Tuna Kush was nicely packaged and thanks for the extras!

  6. iamberrybig

    Just like most have said it hits you strong and tapers off to a nice lingering head high. Noticeable sleepiness!

  7. smilcik (verified owner)

    By far, my favourite bud I’ve been able to procure from the fine folks at DD. 3 hits to headrush, so it’s easy to keep your high at a steady level. You KNOW you’ve smoked after puff 3, trust me. Hits all my buttons: bud is tight, but not packed. Gorgeous crystals glisten, and it grinds quickly to a perfect consistency for rolling. It burns evenly, the draw is smooth, and easy on the throat. I like exhaling through my nose, which seems to bring out the smell of the sea, of storm-tossed waves and the men who ride them, hunting the legendary Tuna Kush.

  8. Codyknapcik (verified owner)

    Iam very happy with this kush. Took one big hoot and I almost give up Cuz I was stone enough just of that hoot. Make me feel happy. Keep my head ache away. Made me fell sleep so good it been year since I had a nice sleep an woke up fresh.

  9. borealbushmonkey (verified owner)

    Tuna? Yes, it really is some excellent, top of the line kush. I approve.

  10. nothingbutcool

    I love this stuff. Have the homies over and we just float and laugh at everything. Ben & Jerrys + Waffles + Knocked Up/Hangover/Cheech & Chong = Best Night Ever. Order on Thursday, arrived on monday baby!

  11. forevergreen88

    instant euphoria. sit with a huge cheese-y grin. this is happy weed. this high does not last long though. munchies.

  12. Lewis

    Solid strain! Please don’t run out 😀

  13. RichardHawk

    Can’t believe it actually smells like tuna!A really nice Indica that tastes pungent and doesn’t hit you too hard. Removed all my stress and pain from a 12 hour day on my feet. Has some very happy cerebral effects and makes your body feel relaxed without being too sleepy. If you take a hit, don’t expect to be productive. Except eat. You’ll eat a lot. Why not have a tuna sandwich?

  14. 7seas.hero

    If anyone askes me, I gotta say this is the most amazing strain of them all. I’ve done this strain multiple times and it has never let me down. My kind of high with this strain is trippy AF and it allows me to open my imagination and creativity to a new level concluding into a deep heavy sleep. You can also experience a nice body high and relax yourself while watching films. Definitely in my top 3 strains on doobdasher.

  15. Disappointed customer (verified owner)

    Im sincerely disappointed in this is not the Tuna kush I got from BC! Your description of the Tuna kush being pungent and skunky is totally false!!! It’s earthy and flowery smell but u couldn’t smell it unless your nose is in the bag!! The Real Tuna Kush from BC comes in a actual Tuna can and smelled pungent and skunky!!! it took a week to get to me. And there’s actually two different strains in the bag. Anybody with a background in growing knows these are two different kinds!!!

  16. Michael (verified owner)

    have ordered this product twice now and i am very impressed. there delivery time is also amazing got my order within 4 days and i live mid prairies

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