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UBC ChemoUBC Chemo

UBC Chemo

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA
(37 customer reviews)

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Product Information


UBC Chemo is a pure indica strain with about 21% THC content. The strain is immensely popular and is a legend amongst regular cannabis users. It is not only known for its effects but for its rarity and history as well. The strain originates from British Columbia and was primarily developed to treat cancer patients without having to undergo the disastrous side effects of chemotherapy, hence the name. The buds look like hash plant, the buds are frosty and dark green in color. As for the aroma, it is earthy and smells like crystals at the same time. Even though it tastes just like it smells, it is not extraordinary. The pure indica strain is one of a kind. It is completely different from what you may have imagined it to be. It is incredibly strong, enough to knock you out with continuous use. As for the effects, it will leave you light headed. Considering its potent high, you may be tempted to overdo it at times. The strain will give you the munchies in no time, which is perfect for patients suffering from a loss appetite. Additionally, it has also been used by patients suffering from panic attacks and paranoia. Back to top: UBC Chemo

37 reviews for UBC Chemo

  1. donnie conohan (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck, my all time favourite

  2. awanarsala (verified owner)

    This is so mellow i love that it feels like you got high but silently in a smooth and mellow way…..i love it! It doesnt feel like you are smoking as it doesnt make you cough. It doesnt have an empowering taste yet its very effective just even a little bit. Taste is ashy and woody….not fruity.

  3. rejeanrenald (verified owner)

    This strain was my first order from you guys. The smell and the taste of it is amazing. The feeling i got…….. wow. Best weed i have smoked in a while!!
    You just have a new customer here!! 🙂

  4. Owen Pitblado (verified owner)

    awesome quality

  5. Asaadkassim (verified owner)

    I don’t know what UBC stands for but those letters should be replaced with SAS….smooth awesome smoke!

  6. canadianshocker (verified owner)

    This one sneaks up on you. There’s no strong smell, no strong taste, and it’s not particularly harsh on the throat. It just sneaks up on you and leaves you feeling mellow. If you have sleeping issues this is a great choice.

  7. Darroch Corey (verified owner)

    Good bud for the price!

  8. windog (verified owner)

    5 out of 5???? I don’t think so, It’s good for the price but not for heavy smokers.
    light clean taste perfect for new smokers on a budget.

  9. TG2311 (verified owner)

    Got to agree with the 5 star folks… was more than happy to sit back and enjoy. Its a creeper as earlier mentioned-Always a treat 🙂 … thank you for amazing service

  10. DylanIRL (verified owner)

    Awesome awesome service just got my order today came super fast and is good thanks DoobDasher and nicely packaged the ubc chemo is a good smoke

  11. BlackToe (verified owner)

    Excellent pricing. It held its own with Alaskan Thunder Fuck and OG Kush. Negates the shipping fee quite well. If you’re a cheap ass and want a nibble of quality? This is a good starter.

  12. KG (verified owner)

    To be honest, the weed itself may not be 5 stars, but the fact it’s still pretty good, coupled with the price makes this order worth 5 stars.

  13. luvmyboo (verified owner)

    Loved this weed smokes so smooth and the high is mellow

  14. brittany.allan (verified owner)

    Definitely worked wonders for helping with sleep I found; pretty relaxed feeling with this strain. However, I found the taste pretty foul to the point I started using flavor drops… I have never had that before. That being said, still great quality. My only complaint was the taste but apparently nobody else has had that problem lol

  15. nrom (verified owner)

    Good stuff. Great price

  16. karissa_green (verified owner)

    I smoke very often, been smoking this all day and I’m smoking it right now:
    – most dense nugs I’ve gotten to this date, usually on the bigger side
    – great smell, and great high, not a light bud in my opinion
    – knocks me out good when I want to sleep
    – when I want to stay up it makes me relaxed and content, sometimes so happy
    – very much helps with my shoulder, back and hip pain so I keep buying it
    Strongly recommended if you haven’t tried this already you should not be disappointed.

  17. Darroch Corey (verified owner)

    This stuff is really good for what you pay you cant find this quality bud for that price around. I buy this frequently and it always does as intended

  18. AlexMtl (verified owner)

    Great strain ,good price. Ubc chemo tastes different than most when rolled. Earthy and smooth.
    Different vibe, relaxing indica buzz, not couch locking .

  19. luvmyboo (verified owner)

    I have bought this weed three times still love it

  20. rdawg (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this one, found it great for sleep and pretty fast acting

  21. josh_hamilton (verified owner)

    Loved this strain found it to be a little bit of a creeper but exactly what I was looking for in an indica, was great for getting to bed

  22. mitchelljonesfoy (verified owner)

    Great bud! Nice burn with a good buzz. Awesome price too!

  23. donnie conohan (verified owner)

    Just got more, lost count how many times I’ve ordered this, always a good heavy indica high that will put you down, a go to for bedtime

  24. t.townsend2 (verified owner)

    Awesome bud and awesome price.

  25. Scot9 (verified owner)

    Nice smooth smoke at a good price.

  26. luvmyboo (verified owner)

    UBC chemo is by far one of the best strains they sell long energizing high fresh not dry and 14.5 grams in my half once very happy

  27. (verified owner)

    Very nice love the smell and taste one of my favorites. Burns nice and the high is amazing 5 stars thanks Doobdasher keep up the good work!

  28. dustinbettcher (verified owner)

    Nice buds with a slight woody odor. Brakes up perfect to smoke in joints or bongs, may have an issue with vaping as they are very fluffy. Taste is smooth and flavorful reminding me of old school buds from the late 90’s. I found the effects to creep up with slight numbing in the body and a thought relaxing calm. I have found this great as my evening pain relief. as a moderate to heavy smoker i find these effects to be decently long lasting with a peak at about the 90min to 120min mark. i would recommend to most people.

  29. ren111503 (verified owner)

    Great smoking bud …clean white heavy smoke …great taste and most importantly great indica high

  30. dillonlockhart69 (verified owner)

    All around good except i didnt find it burned good in my vape. Prob just a bit more moisture than some green. Will buy again(for bong)

  31. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    Just another home run here at doob dasher!!!

  32. sally_hardesty (verified owner)

    Great easy smoke. Smooth buds smell and look tasty. Helps with my arthritis and sleep issues well.

  33. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this multiple times and it just amazing. Great smoke. Absolutely great price and service. Quality is perfect. Makes me very sleep after burning out

  34. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    Ordered this multiple times and it is just amazing. Best indica I’ve had in long time. Love it!! Great service and quality. But most importantly the price is perfect!!! Keep up the great work

  35. atthebeach36 (verified owner)

    you guys are the best!!!!!!!!

  36. Stefan Olynyk (verified owner)

    Great quality for the price. Will 100% buy this strain again.

  37. xcaliber1303 (verified owner)

    I love this strain, for some reason a pinner will get me plenty high enough 🙂 I have ordered this strain several times with no complaints ever!

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