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VitaDots Daily Gummy Chews - Vitamin D3VitaDots Daily Gummy Chews - Vitamin D3

VitaDots Daily Gummy Chews – Vitamin D3

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Immune system, bone and overall wellness support in a tasty CBD gummy!

CBD Naturals Tayberry Daily Gummy Chews, wellness support has never tasted so good. Powered by Heneplex™, our Tayberry VitaDots Daily Gummy Chews are tasty CBD edibles that deliver the wellness support of hemp cannabidiol in its ultimate delivery system for maximum benefits. Combined with over 75 botanical terpenes and Vitamin D3, these CBD gummies support bones and improved immunity and overall balance in a THC-free formula.

Main Benefits:

  • Bone Health – Vitamin D3 for healthy bones.
  • Immune Support – Support for central nervous system.
  • Energy – Vitamin B12 for increased strength and stamina.
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1 review for VitaDots Daily Gummy Chews – Vitamin D3

  1. NoTox (verified owner)

    I feel the vitamin d difference feel little bit more energic during the winter I am mostly a night person (sleep alot) so dont get much sun during the day except for work so those vitamin make the difference but for summer its mostly useless cause I am a day person as much as a night person so it wont be usefull but for winter totally make the difference 5/5

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