West Coast THCA Diamonds Weed of Doobdasher, CanadaWest Coast THCA Diamonds Weed of Doobdasher, Canada

West Coast THCA Diamonds

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West Coast Extracts are a BC-based Cannabis Extraction facility, with a specialization in producing THCA Diamonds. Their extraction process always has an expert overseeing the process to ensure the right colour/taste/cannabinoid profiles, remarkably consistent batch to batch.

Their products are often not named based on the strains used, but more so named after the extraction technician’s preferred nickname as they curate new batches, which is why some selections have the most creative names like Ice Cap, Antarctica, Lightning, etc.,

How to consume THCA Diamonds: THCA Diamonds, just like any other cannabis extract, require a high temperature to fully activate their cannabinoid profile. Its best consumed by “dabbing” it, or using a Dab eRig, Dab Bong, eDab pen. The ideal burn temperature is 450-700 Degree Fahrenheit, based on your taste. An amount equal to a half-rice grain is ideal for new users.

How to store THCA Diamonds: While the shelf life is purely dependent on the storage conditions, you can use the product without any degradation to it within 3-12 months of it being stored in a dark, cold environment that is moisture-free. Ideally best stored in an air-sealed cupboard.

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