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White Lightning

THC: High
CBD: Med
Grade: AAA
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White Lightning is an Indica Dominant Hybrid, crossed between Northern Lights #5 and the infamous White-Widow. The combination of these 2 heavy weights in the marijuana world has created an absolute monster when it comes to THC. However even with the insane THC levels, White Lightning still provides a balanced yet effective high. The buds are absolutely caked with sugary white tri-chomes (when I say caked, I mean CAKED!)
When smoked, you will notice an instant uplifting/euphoric buzz creating motivation and creativity. This is followed by a deep relaxing indica high that flows through your body. White Lightning is a perfect strain for treating symptoms such as M.S, Pain, Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Parkinson’s, and Nausea. This has also been a very highly recommended strain for those who are dealing with side effects from Chemotherapy.

1 review for White Lightning

  1. nicklyle9

    Smokes how it looks and smells – Natural Skunky Trees. Long Holiday like buds, that are soft and squishy to the touch. Extreme Calm: Feel the need to stretch, walk, run, meditate, read, do yoga. Body pain doesn’t disappear like Blue Dream strain, but becomes more manageable due to reduced stiffness in joints and muscles.

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