Worth Your Paper Vapour: Vape Cartridges

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Made from distillate for the cleanest smoothest high. 510 thread compatible. Works with any standard e-cig battery. Specialty designed with smokers in mind to give the taste and feeling of smoking, but in a vape form. No actual nicotine is used in this, so its quit-smoking friendly, only tobacco flavored. .5ml filled with approx. 40% THC to give you a nice smooth high with a few puffs. This is a great alternative for the everyday on the go type of smoker that wants the effects of smoking without all the hassle of smoking. One Pre loaded vape pen tip. Just twist on any standard e-cig battery. Lasts approx. 50-150 tokes depending on inhale and size of toke. Note: If you have a variable voltage battery, please yurn down the battery to the lowest setting and go up from there. You CAN burn out the coil.


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