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Zen Medical – Zen Tanks Starter Kit

THC: High
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Zen Tanks, features a glass tank and aluminum shell that provides weight reduction, increased protection, and heat dispersion. Short circuit and overload protection for coil.

Battery:  Rapid 25 minute charge to 80%. Aluminum shell for weight reduction and durability.

Kit includes: Battery, cartridge (500mg), and USB charger.

7 reviews for Zen Medical – Zen Tanks Starter Kit

  1. Graham Hamilton (verified owner)

    Quality unit.
    Awesome for urban guerrilla use.
    Looks like any other vape pen out there and great for getting what you want, when you want.
    Fool proof, and nobody on the TTC or GO Train has noticed yet 🙂

  2. Paul Labelle (verified owner)

    For those who don’t like weed oil this is not for you!! 3 quick hits and your troubles are gone! Best oil I have had! Discreet, sleek, and nice unit! Good product for those who like oil!

  3. ColeDoerr420 (verified owner)

    Purchased the kit a few days ago. Triple OG is amazing. The vape pen itself is super sleek with a long battery life. I’ve paid way more for similar products that are noticeably lower quality. Would recommend 100% love it.

  4. Anthony Gambacort (verified owner)

    I use THC for pain and appetite This system is ideal if you need to be discrete about taking meds I have the og I use it for appetite, pain relief. I find it tends to slow me down a bit. That being said it is way and above my expectations. It’s nice to have the convenience no muss no fuss

  5. David Maki (verified owner)

    I ordered this product and when it arrived I was amazed to find that the battery was not the battery on the box. The Zen logo on the battery was a sticker covering a Jupiter logo.

  6. Karenstablet (verified owner)

    Ordered a kit, recieved it and the pen was defective as it wouldn’t take a charge. Bummer, but Doob replaced with a coupon. Ordered a second kit, the pen worked great with the two tanks I ended up with. Each tank lasted about a day. I ordered a refill tank, and surprise! the pen wouldn’t work again. No longer taking a charge. Apparently it is at the end of its lifespan, two charges and it’s toast. There are better quality vapes out there, which are not hard to find. If you’re stuck with a full tank and no working pen, other sites sell the pen themselves for $20. Still $20 is $20 too much to pay for something that probably (based on my experience) won’t work. Two stars for the two days of use I got out of two pens.

  7. barryporter420 (verified owner)

    This product works good. But is not as advertised in the description. Says in description that the battery has an aluminum shell. Yet packaged product is plastic.

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