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ZZ Bomb – Raspberry

THC: High
CBD: Low
(25 customer reviews)

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Product Information


Like Jelly Bombs, ZZ Bombs are also a cannabis edible shaped like a Lego Brick.

However, the difference is that ZZ Bombs are made with indica strains only. Thus, they are far more suitable for night time use or for recreational use as they will interfere with work and concentration for school and other tasks. Just like Jelly Bombs, each ZZ Bomb contains eighty milligrams of THC and can be easily divided into eight tiny pieces for “micro-dosing.” ZZ Bombs come in one flavor: blue raspberry.

ZZ Bombs will cure insomnia and put you in a restful peaceful state so you can fully relax before you go to bed. You can also eat them to ease pain and ward off depression.


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25 reviews for ZZ Bomb – Raspberry

  1. Johnny Nguyen

    ZZ bomb hit me a lil to hard i think i like the jelly bombs better. good for passing the f out. but not great for daytime use.

    • doobdasher2

      Z bombs can be deadly, knowing when and where to use them is key!

  2. Alvin Chesterfield

    So about 5 years ago, I got into a really bad car accident. Suffered several broken ribs, punctured lungs, and brain damage resulting in severe insomnia. I hated having to depend on my dr prescribed Temazepam, every dam day to fall asleep. I am so grateful and happy that you guys are providing edibles like this as I really don’t like smoking. The stuff works like a charm, I am finally getting a non medical good nights sleep! Thanks Doobdasher.


    • doobdasher2

      We love hearing your stories because it gives us meaning to be able to offer such products to other fellow Canadians in need. One thing we like about the Z bombs are how consistent the quality are with each bite, we’ll have more coming, cheers Alvin

  3. carlos (verified owner)

    First time buyer, we were very impressed on the speed of the delivery. My wife and I was also very impressed with the product didnt have to eat much to feel relaxed. Exactly what we were looking for. Only thing i didnt like is that we have to cut them into our own portions. We’ll be ordering again soon. Thanks

    • doobdasher2

      “A couple that gets high together, always stay together” is our lingo… A little bit annoying to cut it up yourself, but one thing is, you can control the exact amount you want and know your tolerance. Thanks for feedback Carlos 🙂

  4. cardencrimson (verified owner)

    Very good sleep aid. Easy to measure and tastes great.

  5. idontgiveafuck

    Feeling good on this even on a lil nug. Helping me mellow out on this 7 hour trip from Langley to Kootenay so I like it a lot. You guys need faster response times!

  6. debbonow

    My second time using it but the first time was a little too much effect for me but this time was perfect. I prefer a lesser head high. I wanted it to help me go to sleep and get rid of the pain in my back. It has done both of those. Reminder, if this is your first time, take less then half…

  7. Shantelizing

    They should call it a ticking time bomb, i got mine in the mail within 2 business days. Ordered on Tuesday, recieved on Thursday. Overall would recommend this site to friends

  8. anonyhipster

    This is a fantastic strain. In a bad mood? Feeling anxious? Overwhelmed? ZZ bomb will lift you up and take you to the stars. Excellent for combating nausea, this hybrid has all the best effects of sativa and indica without any downfalls. Like Jelly Bombs, it’s also just a little fruity. Very tasty! Definitely a new favorite of mine.

  9. guardiangal

    Black Friday and I”m stocking up on ZZ Bombs! Solid work guys, like how responsive you are and how fast the mail comes to your door

  10. lackluster007

    This is a good go-to sort of high. If you want to cut through the bullshit of trying to find the right weed, just go with zz-bombs. Super heady and you can get stuff done on it. Makes cartoons better and makes music sound phenomenal. Love this strain! Grab some today.


    I love it! The perfect balance of sativa and indica. I have just enough of head buzz that my mind drifts to positive places. I just feel great! Not lost and still able to focus on moderately demanding tasks. The indica side has melted the muscles of my left leg. My right leg is paralyzed after a fall so my left has to work hard to compensate. Great strain! In my top 10 as of now!

  12. roachesmili76

    Picked this up from my mailbox today, made the order on Black Friday! I love this, when it’s time to go to sleep. Kind of hard to say how long the buzz lasts, because I’m usually out cold within 30 minutes of eating it. Great relaxer that mellows you out, turns off your brain and lets you sleep through the night!

  13. Xcalibre_tom

    I tried looking online at other dispensaries but even they have hard time getting zz bombs.. Def love how it hits you and the effects last pretty long.

  14. poweredbyford2 (verified owner)

    My wife loves these Zzz bombs! She is totally unable to sleep, but she tried these and voila! Better than any sleeping pill or medication out there! She doesn’t enjoy smoking, so these are perfect for her! I buy the buds for myself and have been trying different strains to offset the persistent shoulder pain I have and have met with definite success! I highly recommend this site and in fact have given the name to several friends who now use this service. Thanks for a great product and service!

  15. ted264 (verified owner)

    Best for when you go on Vacation works great

  16. Darroch Corey (verified owner)

    These are so delicious you just want to eat more and more. They are great for night time use paired with smoking. Highly recommend this!

  17. LyleHarper (verified owner)

    My boyfriend and I split one (4 pips each), and enjoyed an incredible 5-hour buzz! This is the first time I have ever used a service like this online as most of my edible consumption happens at home with having no way to ensure a proper THC count in the finished product. It’s paramount to my daily life to be able to gauge how much, and when, and with the Zz bombs I can do this with great accuracy!

    Can not WAIT to try more of your products.

  18. donnie conohan (verified owner)

    Perfect for getting a good night’s sleep, I will put me to sleep but 2 squares keeps me asleep all night, highly recommend

  19. jamminrebel (verified owner)

    Very happy with the ZZ Bombs. Superb for relaxing, de-stressing, and helping to get a good nights sleep.

  20. AnthonyJ (verified owner)

    I totally love these. One square and I don’t feel high but everything is THE BEST EVER. Sex. Food. Music. The gym. Sleep. I totally love these.

  21. mbule (verified owner)

    These leggo looking motherfuckers are bad ass. 80mg for a everyday smoker will get you couchwrecked, perfect for a long movie’s like Lord of the rings or whatever you white folk like to watch… me I’ll eat two full leggo’s
    And buddy no words will explain…… slept like 10hours EDM’s OWN
    DOOBDASHER thanks for being awesome

  22. Martin Phillips (verified owner)

    Super tasty

  23. Kuyagin (verified owner)

    Great high and i cut them into 16 pieces and it is a nice buzz just like using a one hitter but lasts for hours !!!! Tastes great to and will always be buying these little gems !

  24. 3oct1963 (verified owner)

    Results as promised in a great tasting easy to measure block, very much recommended

  25. sadielou555 (verified owner)

    i always have terrible troubles falling asleep and staying asleep, and these tasty gummies knock me tf out. i’m a lightweight even though i typically smoke several times a day, so i bite off just under a block and i wake up feeling well rested and happy, and sometimes still a little buzzed. i had the best dreams while on these too! >when i eat edibles i always eat a little bit of butter with it since cannibinoids can’t be carried through the digestive system without fats, so it just helps carry every last bit of the THC through the system and make sure you get a nice strong high. they kick in really fast too so you can just take one before you get ready for bed, then once you lay down for a minute you get a rush of relaxation and happy thoughts

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