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Cannabis Flowers

It's time to get high with cannabis flowers and highly potent shatter. Doobdasher offers multiple cannabis flower strains such as Sativa, Indica, and a combination of both – Hybrid. With multiple grades (A, AA, AA+, AAA, etc.) to choose from our selection, there's no way you'll run out of flowers to try. Browse our site and add to the cart anything that fancies your taste. Our flowers are high-quality with meticulous harvesting and processing. You can feel the effects of a pleasing experience with our best and hand-selected weed products, whether for medical or recreational reasons. We also offer lab-tested and top-notch shatters (concentrates) that are highly potent, more so than flower. Dabbing is the most popular method to use shatters. It requires a unique device called a dab rig. The cannabis flower is the female part of the plant. It is a versatile and popular product, as it can be consumed in various ways. Flowers are also known as buds or nugs and are the smokable part of the plant. You can find cannabis flowers in the form of loose and pre-rolls in our online shop. Loose flowers come sealed in air-tight bags, to maintain freshness and flavour. Meanwhile, pre-rolls are another way to get conveniently ready-to-go joints. The flowers are hand selected, grinded to perfection and rolled into joints, a ready-made option for weed lovers to smoke. Are you ready to try our cannabis flowers? You can find various flowers to produce different types of high, from high energetic Sativa buds to relaxing mellow Indica strains.


What are the different cannabis flowers?

Cannabis flowers can be categorized based on the physical characteristics of the plant. Buds can either come from an Indica or Sativa plant. Indica plants are shorter and have broad, dark leaves. Meanwhile, Sativa is the opposite, with pale leaves, tall and thinner in appearance. Aside from having a different appearance, the plant can contain different amounts of cannabinoids (THC and CBD). Hence, providing other effects for each flower. Indicas and Sativas can be differentiated as such:
  • Sativa: The high from Sativa strains is more upbeat and refreshing. These strains are ideal if you want to improve your mood or combat the signs of stress, anxiety, or sadness. You can maintain your focus and alertness throughout the day by using Sativa strains.
  • Indica: The best cannabis strains for evening relaxation are Indicas. They reduce pain and inflammation while also calming your nerves. They also have potent sedative properties, which makes them excellent for treating insomnia and sleep issues.
  • Hybrid: Indica and Sativa are mixed to create hybrid varieties. These frequently offer a well-rounded high, which makes them a fantastic option for people seeking a flexible blend of physically calming and mentally stimulating benefits.

What are the benefits of cannabis flowers?

Here are a few reasons cannabis users in general and medicinal users, in particular, should choose cannabis flowers.
  • Easy to use: You can buy pre-rolls or roll your joint or blunt. They are easy to consume and fast-acting.
  • Easy to dose: Using a food scale and some trial and error, you can quickly and effectively calculate the desired dosage of cannabis.
  • Versatile: Aside from smoking, you can use flowers to create edibles, oils, and concentrates.

How to store your flowers?

Cannabis flowers will age more quickly if exposed to oxygen, temperature change, moisture, and UV radiation. Therefore, keep your flower in sealed containers to slow ageing and preserve the ideal plant quality. You can also use high-tech alternatives, such as airtight sealing containers and vacuum seals, however, they are a bit more expensive than mason jars. Don’t forget to check your flowers from time to time. Here are some things you should note if your flowers are degrading.
  • Colour: As it ages, it turns yellow and falls apart.
  • Smell: When cannabis is exposed to oxygen, the foul smell in the jar can be eliminated with fresh oxygen.
  • Taste: The older the buds are, the less flavour they have, and have lower potency.

What is the cannabis grading system?

The cannabis grading system is an acknowledgement that dispensaries and farmers use to help consumers understand the cannabis flowers. It ranges from A to AAAA.


It is on top of the scale and known as "true quads." It is the highest grading tier, providing a good potency, overall effect, and experience that consumers will enjoy. Examples: Motor Breath, Purple Passion, and Runtz


Tripple A of "trips'' is still a top-tier weed strain. It still provides good high effects, although not as potent as AAAA. In practically any dispensary or store that offers cannabis products, you may find this middle-tier spectrum of strains, which is also the most accessible. Examples: Purple Urkle, Stevie Wonder, and White Cheese


Consumers looking for high-quality marijuana at a low price should focus on AA-graded strains, sometimes called "dubs." Dispensaries will carry fewer alternatives in this category, preferring the AAA and quad strains. AA cannabis, however, is identical to home-grown weed. It isn't at the top of the scale, but it isn't at the bottom either. Examples: Walter White, Zeus OG, and Zkittlez


It's not much available in dispensaries due to its low quality. But it doesn't necessarily mean that the weed is bad at all. It just hasn't met the requirements of a quality weed product. They are cheap and effective when taken in higher quantities. They can also be used in making concentrates and edibles.

Which is better, shatter or flower?

Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate. It is highly potent and contains cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis flowers. They are known for their high potency, containing over 90% THC by weight. Shatters have a hard, glass-like appearance. They range from caramel to amber in colour. The difference between weed and shatter is their potency and use. Both shatter and flowers are potent, but the former contains more THC. Flowers usually range from 10-25% THC by weight. If you are looking for high THC content, go for shatters. The vast majority of shatter products contain THC rather than CBD. CBD shatters are found commercially so if some CBD is required, shatter may not be the best bet. You can smoke shatter by lacing a joint, but generally, it uses a unique tool called the dab rig. Unlike flowers, which you can crush and roll them.

Which should you choose, high THC or high CBD flowers?

Whether you plan to take weed edibles or flowers, CBD and THC-infused products are beneficial but have different effects. Both CBD and THC have a therapeutic effect and play a role in treating some medical illnesses. They can help induce appetite, promote better sleep, boost mood, and more. The concentration of THC and CBD differ from strains and products prepared. CBD-dominant flower has a CBD concentration of 10 to 20%. Meanwhile, THC-dominant can have about 10 to 25% THC. These cannabinoids don't function the same way and have different effects on the body. Other brain receptors respond differently to their interaction and binding. While a flower with a high THC content will get you high, a flower with a high CBD will give a more mellow and calming effect but far less noticeable. Back to top: Cannabis Flowers
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