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1. HOW DOES YOUR POINTS SYSTEM WORK? Who doesn’t like FREE? Well with our rewards program, you get just that! With every purchase of our wonderful products, you will automatically earn Doob Points for future use! Each product and amount will have a different amount of points you can earn! When you’ve accumulated enough Doob Points, you will be able to use these reward points just like cash!

2. WHAT ARE DOOB DASHER POINTS AND HOW DO THEY WORK? Doob Dasher is excited to launch our rewards program called “Doob Points”. With every dollar spent, you will earn 1 “Doob Point” which you can use to purchase from our full list of products. Note: Every 20 points is equivalent to $1. Points may only be redeemed online at doob-dasher.com You can view your points balance by logging into your account and clicking on “Doob Points”.

3. HOW DO I USE MY DOOB POINTS? Just click on “I want to use my Doob Points” when you view your cart then press the “Redeem” button and save. Note: Your cart total must be $105 or greater after the discount is applied in order to checkout.