Frost Factory – Cold Cured Quads (14g)

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Cold Cured Quads (Frost Factory) – 14g

Frost Factory’s Cold Cured AAAA Craft Flower epitomizes the apex of cannabis craftsmanship, offering a premium smoking experience for connoisseurs seeking the finest quality. Sourced exclusively from British Columbia’s elite craft quads, each bud is cultivated and harvested at its prime, ensuring unparalleled potency and purity. Frost Factory’s distinctive cold hang-dry curing process meticulously matures flower under ideal conditions, culminating in a product that boasts a rich terpene profile, maximum flavour, and the smoothest burn. Each 14g of premium flower, sealed in a tuna can, ensures freshness and terpene preservation. Frost Factory’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect, providing a superior cannabis experience that truly sets itself apart.  


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