Diamond Concentrates – Dual Chamber Vape (6g)

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Diamond Concentrates disposable vapes has a modern, sturdy design that supports its seamless, simple functionality. Draw-activated, and practical! By closely monitoring every step of their production, from seed to sale, Diamond Concentrates preserves a higher standard. They were able to put what they learnt into practise to regularly produce the dependable and high-quality product that they have today by borrowing their knowledge and methods from Californian extraction artists. All extracts are examined for aroma, flavour, look, and effect in addition to lab testing for THC and CBD levels. All of this is made possible by employing high-quality raw ingredients, limiting the number of nug runs, and using premium purging techniques to get rid of any impurities. The end result is a pure concentration with robust terpene profiles. Now with twice more amount of THC and thoughtfully curated combos, you can now have twice the fun without having to purchase multiple vapes to try out multiple strains!


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