Jungle Ridge – Diamonds (1g)

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Introducing Jungle Ridge: Where excellence meets innovation. Immerse yourself in a world of premium concentrates boasting vibrant hues and an unparalleled smoking journey. Every product undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring only the finest reaches your hands. Elevate your experience with Jungle Ridge, where quality reigns supreme. What Are Diamonds? Diamonds are crystalline solids formed when cannabinoids are purified and isolated under specific conditions. These concentrates, known for their high purity, are labor-intensive to produce, hence their higher cost. While any cannabinoid can form diamonds, THCA and CBD are common. Typically dabbed, they’re often mixed with terp sauce for flavor. How Diamonds Are Made: Using fresh-frozen or cured cannabis, processors create live resin, the base for crystalline concentrates. After extraction, a light purging removes residual butane, allowing crystals to form over time. Stored in optimal conditions, diamonds naturally separate from terpene sauce. Some processors use solvents like pentane to expedite crystallization. After separation, a final purge removes remaining solvent, ensuring purity.


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