Lucky Extracts – Diamonds (2g)

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Diamonds (Lucky Extracts) – 2g Introducing our exquisite diamonds, the pinnacle of cannabis concentrates. Each sparkling gem represents the purest essence of the cannabis plant, meticulously crafted through advanced extraction techniques. Our diamonds are rich in cannabinoids, particularly THC, and boast a crystalline structure that glistens with potency. With their unparalleled purity and potency, our diamonds offer a truly elevated experience for cannabis connoisseurs. Indulge in the luxury of cannabis excellence with our premium diamonds today. What are Diamonds? Cannabis isolate with such a high degree of purity that cannabinoids form a crystalline solid, like a diamond. Cannabis diamonds are usually made from concentrated THCA or CBD. When cannabinoids are purified and isolated under the right conditions they can form crystalline solids—these concentrates have earned the name “diamonds.” These concentrates tend to be more expensive because of the amount of labor needed to create them, due to their extremely high level of purity. While diamonds can be made from any cannabinoid, THCA and CBD are the most common found at dispensaries. Cannabis diamonds are usually dabbed, often with the addition of terp sauce, as a purified cannabinoid diamond has little to no flavor on its own.


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