Grape Sorbet + (AAA+)

THC: Med-High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA+

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Grape Sorbet is a sativa dominant hybrid (65% sativa/35% indica) strain created through a cross of the popular Blue Satellite X Cinderella 99 strains. This tasty bud gets its name from its extremely delicious flavor and smell. Grape Sorbet has a sweet fruity berry taste with hints of tangy grape and vanilla upon exhale. The aroma is very sweet, with an earthy berry tinge and a grape hint as the nugs are broken apart. In addition to its sweet fruity flavor, Grape Sorbet has a sweet cerebral high that is certain to get your day going. It starts almost immediately after toking with an uplifted energetic effect that leaves you motivated and ready to go. This head high relaxes your mind, melting you into a slight body buzz with significant pain relief and a slight case of the munchies that won’t overwhelm your senses or leave you unable to function. These potent effects and its high 23.5% average THC level make Grape Sorbet perfect for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic anxiety or stress, chronic pain, cramps, eye pressure, chronic fatigue, and appetite loss. This bud has small super piecey grape-shaped light minty green nugs with sparse amber hairs and a fine frosty coating of tiny crystal trichomes. Effects: Uplifting May Relieve: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Eye Pressure, Fatigue, Stress Flavors: Berry, Fruity, Grape, Sweet, Tangy, Vanilla Aromas: Earthy, Grape, Sweet

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  1. erlandheath (verified owner)

    Bud was not cured properly so smells and tastes like hay, a good buzz but flavour is everything.

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