Hybrid – Renfrew Pre-Roll Pack

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Renfrew Organics Pre-Rolls Renfrew Organics Pre-Rolls are your solution to Doobie Deficiency. Each joint is carefully crafted by one of Renfrew’s expert reefer rollers. Packed with Ice Cream Cake, BC Bud locally grown near Renfrew’s Vancouver headquarters, these joints only include organically-grown, no-till weed that’s pesticide- and hormone-free. Renfrew Organics Pre-Rolls come in durable storage tins to protect them from damage and aging. As a result, they’re super-portable and can stand up to pockets, purses, backpacks ? environments usually deadly to joints. With Renfrew Organics Pre-Rolls, you can get high on your terms. No extended joint-rolling sessions. No ruined joint papers. No wasted weed. Just premium pre-rolls that are ready when you are.


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