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Lucky Extracts – Jumbo Diamonds & Terps (10g)

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Welcome to Lucky Extracts, a premier extraction company based in British Columbia. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, affordable cannabis products. Discover your favorite strains with us and elevate your experience. Introducing our latest sensation: Diamonds with Terp Sauce, the zenith of opulence in cannabis concentrates. Our diamonds are meticulously crafted to perfection, showcasing its potency and size. Paired with the finest terpene-rich sauce, this 70/30 diamond/terp blend offers an exquisite flavor profile that tantalizes the senses with every hit. Elevate your experience with Diamonds with Terp Sauce, where refinement meets vigor for a true transcending journey.   Diamonds and Sauce: A Perfect Combination The combination of diamonds and THC sauce is now regarded as one of the premier experiences available today. When combined, diamonds and sauce deliver one of the most potent and flavorful experiences on the market today. Consumers receive the best of both worlds by combining top-shelf diamonds with flavorful, potent sauce. This means you’re receiving a significant dose of various cannabinoids and terpenes. The high dosage creates a flavorful, aromatic experience coupled with one of the more robust doses you can find. More so, when paired together, crystallized THCA and terp sauce combine to create an extract offering that few, if any, other items have been able to come close to. Featuring prominent levels of THCA, along with other cannabinoids and terpenes, diamonds and sauce have become sought-after choices for dabbing and vape cart production. The Effects of Diamonds and Sauce With THC levels testing in the 90s, consumers should be prepared for a substantial dose in every hit. While THC isn’t the be-all and end-all of quality, it is an indication of what you can expect. Combining the high THC content with significant doses of various plant compounds results in a diamond sauce that offers an experience reminiscent of consuming the whole plant but with greater potency. In short, expect a hefty dose in every hit from a diamond sauce. The effects are strong enough even to throw veteran consumers for a loop. So, be careful, especially if you’re a newcomer or have a lighter tolerance. How to Use Diamonds and Sauce? Diamonds and sauce are typically consumed in one of two ways. Some will put the extract into edibles, but more often than not, people will dab with it. Dabbing THC diamonds and sauce follows a standard process similar to dabbing with other extracts. Choose your favorite dabbing method, either by placing the extract onto a preheated banger or by doing a cold start. Afterward, wait for the extract to begin vaporizing before you start consuming. Thanks to continued cannabis consumption tech evolution, dabbing has become a more simplified process as well. Today, you can use one of many dab pen styles to dip your heated device into the extract for a quick and easy dab.


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