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DOSAGE: 100ug per tab 

What is LSD?

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is a synthetic chemical, made from a substance found in ergot, which is a fungus that infects rye (grain). LSD belongs to a group of drugs known as psychedelics. When small doses are taken, it can produce mild changes in perception, mood, and thought. Larger doses may produce visual hallucinations and distortions of space and time.

Effects of LSD:

LSD is a mind-altering drug. It is thought LSD causes its characteristic hallucinogenic effects via interaction with the serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps control your behavior and mood, governs your senses, and moderates your thoughts. The physical effects of LSD are unpredictable from person to person. Usually, the first effects of the drug when taken by mouth are felt 30 to 45 minutes after taking it, peak at 2 to 4 hours, and may last 12 hours or longer.

Effects Include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Distorted Visual Perception of Shapes, Colors
  • Altered Sounds
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Flashbacks (a return of the "trip" experience) days or months later
  • Rapid Heart Rate; increased body temperature, and high blood pressure
  • Dilated Pupils

Health Hazards and Flashbacks with LSD:

After an LSD trip, the user may suffer acute anxiety or depression, and may also experience flashbacks (also called hallucinogen persisting perception disorder), which are recurrences of the effects of LSD days or even months after taking the last dose.

A flashback occurs suddenly, often without warning, usually in people who use hallucinogens chronically or have an underlying personality problem.

Healthy people who only use LSD occasionally may also have flashbacks.

Bad trips and flashbacks are only part of the risks of LSD use. LSD users may also manifest relatively long-lasting psychoses, such as schizophrenia or severe depression.

LSD produces tolerance, meaning the user needs greater doses of LSD to get the same high. Some users who take the drug repeatedly must take progressively higher doses to achieve the state of intoxication that they had previously achieved. This is an extremely dangerous practice, given the unpredictability of the drug.

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10 reviews for LSD – 100ug

  1. John Blake (verified owner)

    First time taking LSD in quite some time. Took two tabs and had a great trip. Would recommend to anyone hoping to open their mind.

  2. John Blake (verified owner)

    First time taking LSD in quite some time. Took two tabs and had a great trip. Would recommend to anyone hoping to open their mind.

  3. p.smythe (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and rest assured that the dosage is accurate! Should have more affordable prices for multiples.
    About time this was available.

  4. marc828 (verified owner)

    Trumandisss trip to all who wantsss thé cosmos i Took 3 tab âne boom on thé otherside wowwwwwwww

  5. bigtdog (verified owner)

    was absolutely amazing.

  6. bigtdog (verified owner)

    was absolutely amazing.

  7. Ryan Morin (verified owner)

    This cracked my soul and allowed my to love.

  8. awkwardends (verified owner)

    Excellent took two hits. Had a blast !

  9. theodore (verified owner)

    Had 2 and it was good, found it a bit weak but maybe that’s just because I’m a big build! Lasted about 7 hours total

  10. theodore (verified owner)

    Had 2 and it was good, Lasted about 7 hours total

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