Mataro Blue (AA)

THC: Low
CBD: Low
Grade: AA
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Product Information


Mataro Blue is a rare Indica Dominant Hybrid strain created through a three-way cross of the classic Black Domina X Mazar I Sharif X Blue Monster strains. With its gorgeous appearance and high 18% average THC level, Mataro Blue packs one all-around amazing experience. Mataro Blue has insanely gorgeous buds, with round super dense, and tight little nuggets that are forest green in color with dark purple undertones. Each nug is spattered with thin orange hairs and coated with a glittering blanket of tiny amber crystal trichomes. As you break apart each beautiful little nug, fresh aromas of earthy berries are released accented by a spicy herbal effect as the nugs are burned. The flavor comes on sweet and fruity with an herby berry exhale that lingers long after you finish smoking. The effects of Mataro Blue come on easily, starting with a tingly effect in the back of the head and neck. This buzzing quickly spreads through your mind, lifting you into an active and stimulating state of euphoria that’s oddly relaxing.

19 reviews for Mataro Blue (AA)

  1. David

    Good size nugs, real sticky and fresh. The smoke was exquisite and the high was a nice long one! Ive tried various strains from various websites, this one was easily the best

  2. Lusiya

    very happy with the strain, nice pungent smell plenty of crystal. Good for threw the day set off with a nice head high which then mellows out into a nice body relaxation. I recommend it for any indica lovers ! wont be disappointed

  3. Santhiya

    So far this one has to be my favourite! The hybrid expresses itself with define flavour from each strain, id recommend to try despite the pricey tag.. Worth every penny

  4. Jacob

    Ordered a half o of this little while back and it was of suburb quality, tight nugs medium green in color, covered in trichomes, dried well and crunchy. A earthy pungent smell filled my house when i opened the package. definitely for night time use, relaxed my mind and body to the point of not wanting to leave the coach for hours. Helped with my insomnia, good night sleep when every I medicated with it.

  5. Jacob

    Tasted great. Super stinky (so keep it stored away air tight). Excellent tight buds with tons of crystals. Long lasting and gives you a superior ability to eat everything in sight. Definitely recommended.

  6. cardencrimson (verified owner)

    Positive high. Smells good.

  7. n00bspanker

    Holy shit, shipping was fast! Very enjoyable, very intense high but with no anxiety present at all! May very well be my favorite hybrid strain…hell, it might be my favorite strain of weed just in general.

  8. Zack (verified owner)

    Personally, I didn’t enjoy this strain as much as the other stuff I ordered- Most likely because I was misled, I ordered this because it said it was Sativa dominant (75% sativa 25% indica) but upon smoking it, I didnt feel the sativa effects I was expecting. Upon further research, I found that Mataro blue is indica, not sativa. I messaged customer support about the labeling mixup and they had it fixed within a week.

    I have to say, this site has changed a lot in the past 2-3 weeks or so. It looks better, fresh new reviews are coming in and the inventory has increased a lot. Customer support is fast and coherent.

    Keep up the great work, DD!

  9. Bryan071

    Glad your site is back, I thought you were GONE! Just received this last morning, nice and relaxing strain. Tasted great with the vaporizer. Works well for my insomnia.

  10. nicagreen

    Many people I know as well as myself had closed-eye visuals with this strain; most were experienced smokers. Very giggly experience, not like Sour Diesel kind of funny, but like inspiration, an uplifting happiness.

  11. allnatural2

    It’s a classic for a reason. Potent strain that affects mind and body. Very relaxing and puts me in a positive mood. Helps my appetite and good nights sleep – you guys need to have 1 day shipping!

  12. smilcik (verified owner)

    4.5, actually. All I can say is that I wait with baited breath for the return of the Blue. I have 1 little bud left, sitting lonely in it’s little DD bag. I am loathe to consume said bud, until I know that more is on the way. Tuna Kush is a good alternative, but bring back the BLUE!

  13. greyturner

    Gotta agree with smilcik, you guys need more Mataro blue.. Freaking love this, when will you have more?

  14. Joel Blacklock (verified owner)

    Vry nice kush. Excellent buzz, creative high, good with food. Speedy delivery as well, always a pleasure using this site.

  15. Martin Phillips (verified owner)

    Probably one of the most berry smelling and tasting strains I’ve ever had super caked with kief and beautiful looking mugs

  16. jmord00 (verified owner)

    Awesome bud! Great smoke, great feels, great sleep

  17. donnie conohan (verified owner)

    Nice buds, relaxing buzz, will definitely order again

  18. Gordon Martin (verified owner)

    By far one of my favourites.

  19. jroca87 (verified owner)

    This stuffs great! Only wish I got more.
    Smells so nice every time I opened the bag.

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